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My hospital has been sold. We're not sure how many of us will be hired by the new owners. We're having to reapply for our positions. All this happened very head is still spinning.

I work part-time on nightshift and would like to retain that.

My interview is this week! I never imagined having to prepare for an interview ever again!!!!!!

Any suggestions or advice? Anyone been in the same situation?


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Wow.. that's a shock to the ol' system, huh ? Hate this for you. Our dialysis facility was bought out years ago (used to be owned by several docs, then a major company bought us out)... but since we're a samll outfit with less that a dozen staff, we were all retained without any further to-do.

Geeesh, I hope things go well for you ! Nothing like having to reapply for a job you already have ! (or THOUGHT you had!)

Bummers... let us know what gives, ok? Hope the others have some advice for you... hang in there !

No real advice except check out the web for recommendations regarding interviews, how to dress, etc. Had a girl come in the other day wearing overalls, cut off top and flip-flop sandals. Looked like a total slob. Did not want to risk that her work was equally sloppy. Good luck!!


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dachweiler, I hope all goes well. Had this happen to me a couple of decades ago. A few in management weren't re-hired but all of us staff nurses were.

Find out what happens to your seniority, benefits, etc.

Turned out it actually was a good thing for me - not much seniority to lose, and we were all covered insurance-wise from the time of the sale. I was pregnant and hadn't worked there long enough to qualify for insurance - had been trying to figure out how we'd pay for childbirth when suddenly all was covered. I don't suppose it works like that nowadays, though...

Good luck!


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Sorry - No. We're union & our contracts prohibit this kind of thing. If the hospital is sold, merged, or whatever else they want to do to it, they have to take the RN staff with it & cant change any of RNs salaries & benefits. A couple of years ago, the hospital sold its dialysis unit to a private company & the RNs in that unit had to be included with the sale, with no reductions in their contract, salaries, benefits, accrued time banks, or seniorities. If the company refused to take the RNs as is, they wouldnt have been able to buy the unit. I cant imagine having to compete for your own job. What do they do? Can they give it to somebody they like better & you just are out of luck & out of work? Or will they give it to you as a "new hire" with a lower salary, less benefits and nothing in your accrued sicktime/vacation/holiday bank? Why does this profession stand for these kinds of tricks???

Every RN there should refuse to re-apply, refuse to be treated this way & just resign enmass. Force that new employer to either step up to the plate or pay through the nose looking for other nurses to staff the place. Shock them into seeing what youre really worth. But if that isnt going to happen, the links below might help you brush up for your "interview" (that you shouldnt even be having to do in the first place!!):

Interview to "Knock Their Socks Off!

by Donna Cardillo, RN

Job-Finding Skills For Nurses

Nurse, Promote Thyself!

by Donna Cardillo, RN

Home Page

Good luck.


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What a bummer! would think the new company would just grand-father the original employees...why waste more time, money, & effort to interview the same employees that are already actively working there!


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My hospital was recently bought out also, we all had to reapply. The hospital that bought us dont have enough nurses for there own facillity so the hired everone that was origanlly working there. During the transaction period there have been a lot of people who have quite due to uncertanty. Everyone lost there vacation, sick, holiday, and personal time. Currently we are being paid by an agency and they are giving us no time. There are only 3 full time nurses left so we are 10% staff and 90% agency so it makes it really stressfull on staff because everything falls onto our hands. I really want to resign but I am getting married in four months and plan on moving than. (Its still questionable as to where, we just want out of the area.) I dont want to start a new job and only work there for 4 months.


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Thats why. Cause they SAVE money by re-hiring the same people at lower rates & canceling out all the paid time those people have coming to them. AND they dont have to expend any money, time, or resources on orienations or preceptors cause everyone already knows the job. What a disgusting gimmick.


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Originally posted by -jt

Thats why. Cause they SAVE money by re-hiring the same people at lower rates & canceling out all the paid time those people have coming to them. AND they dont have to expend any money, time, or resources on orienations or preceptors cause everyone already knows the job. What a disgusting gimmick.

Good Lord! Didn't know that the new companies could do that. That is highway robbery!! You are correct...what a digusting gimmick and how dishonest these companies are to treat faithful employees like crap. Can they be compensated for their annual & sick leave at least....if they decide not to work for the new company?


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My suggestion: apply at at least 5 different places. Having your eggs in more than one basket is wise at times like this (and at all other times as well).


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Thanks for all the replies.

We are still in the dark. Neither the current owners. the Sisters of Mercy (what a joke) or the new owners (Vista Health) have told us anything. It's supposed to change hands in three weeks.

I've heard we'll get our vacation time paid to us but that is all. They won't say anything definite about whether or not if we will be retained or get severance pay.

The morale is completely rock-bottom. Every night, we just hear more rumours.


I have gotten a flex position with another hospital (only 5 minutes from my house--9 to 5!) but with no benefits or a permanent position in the forseeable future. This job was offerred to me out-of-the-blue....they didn't know that my other job was in jeopardy. Maybe it will turn into something.....

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Wow good luck and let us know how it pans out....


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