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I live in a small town where it seems like everybody knows everybody. In the local hospital where I work gossip spreads like wildfire. It is to the point that I no longer trust anyone. I have to watch everything I say. If I said something at the beginning of the shift- I swear by the end of an eight hour shift- everybody knows. I find this a complete turn off. Does anyone have that same problem?


You've learned a lesson in life...When it comes to keeping secrets, no one can keep them. Your best bet is: If you don't want information to get around, don't tell anyone. I found that the only person I trusted was my mom and she is no longer with us. She always said,"He who reveals a secret doesn't have a secret anymore!" She was always right!

Sometimes it's hard and you want to tell someone something, but you have to think about the person you're telling. You might think they can be trusted, but most of the time they can't. So take my mom's advice; you'll be better off...;)

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It doesn't seem to matter the size of the hospital either. Unless you want everyone to know, don't tell anyone.

When I first started my present job, our administrator said to me "This is a good place to work, but I'll tell you right now that it is the goddamdest place for gossip." That has not changed. At about the same time period, my father said to me "Don't get into the trough with the pigs". That's just about the best advice he has ever given me. Just something to think abot. Big place or small place, gossip is gossip. Advice that was also given to me by a close friend, "Don't let your gaurd down". Hope this stuff helps. Good luck!:rolleyes:

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It's not just hospitals; it's everywhere. In Management classes, they even teach you--if you want word to get around, the most effective way of spreading news is let it hit the "grapevine" first. It's also the best place to get information, according to Introduction to Managemt (MGT 101). Seen it happen in consulting firms, accounting firms, engineering firms and's human nature.

Is it considered gossip if you heard if from the "horse's mouth?"

Just asking...........imaRN

Learn to keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Say nothing and believe nothing, unless you read it or see it.

If those two things occur, remember not to tell anyone.

Rule of thumb, by the time they tell you about it - 99 % of it is a lie !!

Go home, love the family and enjoy life

Tell me about it, people who i hardly even know come up to me on a daily basis and say, " I just saw ... , did you know she' s working tonight" or "next time your wiht such and such tell her i said hello", gets kind of annoying especially since, 1. it's nobodys business who i am sleeping/conversing/whatever with, and 2. if i got half the sex i heatr about me getting, i wuold be a happy man!

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It's sooo true about the gossip thing and nurses. A few months back, a nurse with previous PICU experience started in our NICU and after a few weeks ended up making a BIG mistake (30x drug overdose). Not only did the entire night shift of nurses know about it, but all the day shift nurses knew and the nurses at another hospital's NICU in our same system of hospitals knew about it!!!! I the heck did THEY find out?! Floaters or registry I guess. She quit after only a few weeks. (it wasn't the gossiping though, she made another HUGE mistake, then falsely charted on it, so she was encouraged to quit...)

Ten years ago when I was working at a small town hospital they floated me down to L&D. As I was making 'small talk' with another nurse I mentioned that I had just bought a house, a fixer-upper, and how completely filthy it was, how I couldn't believe anyone could have lived like that, etc., etc. She asked me where the house was and when I told her she said, "Oh, that's where so-and-so used to live".... another L&D nurse! Needless to say, she found out what I'd said and to this day gives me eat kaka looks.

I hate small-town life for the same reasons and can't wait to move! Gossip may travel in large hospitals but at least the whole city doesn't find out!

Eventually, smart people figure out who the trouble makers are and will usually 'consider the source'. I've learned you will have far more friends and be considered trustworthy IF you listen but don't tell. ;)

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