Interested in Hospice Work

  1. Hi Guys,
    Am interested in hospice work. Can any of you tell me the best way to proceed. Right now a corrections Rn.
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    Quote from Larry in Florida
    Hi Guys,
    Am interested in hospice work. Can any of you tell me the best way to proceed. Right now a corrections Rn.
    I don't think there is a hard set rule about how to get into many of the specialties.... There are no internships in hospice that I know of, although since most palliative care seems to be done in hospitals (that is, palliative care not provided to hospice patients), you might see if there is an internship in palliative care at a hospital near you.

    Clientele in corrections is much different, and a nurse's attitude, perspective and practice will be different in hospice as well.

    You may not like it--see if you can volunteer at a hospice or shadow a hospice nurse. If you were nearby here, I'd gladly include you in my little gig....

    Otherwise, watch for openings in local hospices, or submit your resume to several around you. In the last hospice I worked at, their criteria for hiring was a clean criminal background check, a valid license and a pulse. Talk about your insults.... But it was a starting off point for me and I quickly saw through the cr*p to what hospice was really about. I got out of there and we're starting a new one. But I digress....
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    Hello, Larry,

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    Hi Larry
    I was in corrections as well, once upon a time. :trout: Hospice and corrections are at total ends of the spectrum. I went to the hospital and worked on a tele unit for a few years in between, kind of rid myself of the hardness that can happen in the corrections field. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hospice nursing. I feel like I finally get to do the type of nursing I went to school to do. My recommendation is to go to acute care for a bit, a year or so, to brush up on your skills. Then look into it again, good luck.:spin:
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    I'll tell you now that hospice isn't for everyone. I've been doing it for about 7 years and absolutely LOVE it, but I know many nurses who've tried and lasted about 6 weeks (or less). For me, it's truly rewarding and I get the chance to really interact with and get to know not only my patients, but the family also. You might try soon PRN before jumping in. Good luck!
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    Correctionial nurses are ideally held to a community standard of care. There are correctional facilities providing hospice care for patients who need/desire this service. The correctional setting is their home and some serve life sentences.