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Larry in Florida

Larry in Florida

corrections, LTC, pre-op
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Larry in Florida has 12 years experience and specializes in corrections, LTC, pre-op.

Former soldier, stock broker,car dealer

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  1. Larry in Florida

    Poll: What size angiocath do you usually use to start an IV?

    I work pre-op. 22ga for epidurals , 20ga for general anesthesia. Larry in Fla
  2. Larry in Florida

    HIPPA and the Allnurses.com Forums

    And what school did you attend? Larry RN in Fla
  3. Larry in Florida

    Will working at a Dr.'s office help you during Nursing school??

    Yeah, will help pay the high tuition LOL. Larry in Fla
  4. Larry in Florida

    consent for surgery - who's job is it

    Right on. I work in pre-op and your on the money with the consent stuff. Larry RN in Fl
  5. Larry in Florida

    Question for RNs. . . current nursing problems.

    You don't have a clue! Larry RN in Florida ASN
  6. Larry in Florida

    New to corrections... question about insulin injections.

    Relax, We let the inmate do all the work except for drawing up the insulin. No big whoop! Larry RN in Fl
  7. Larry in Florida

    Navy Hospital Corpman to LPN

    Sorry not true. Depending on the training! Ask the recruiter! Larry RN in Florida - former Army Medic to LPN to RN
  8. Larry in Florida

    Nursing as a CAREER

    You need to look closely at this dude!!
  9. Larry in Florida

    Nursing as a CAREER

    Hey!, Ive been a soldier (7 years) a car dealer (20 years) , a stock broker (9 years) and a nurse for 12 years. Most money = car dealer and stock broker! most satisfaction by far medical field. BTW you might want to look closer at this dude, sounds like a lack of respect to women in general. I wonder what education he has? Larry RN in Fla ( and happy as a pig in)
  10. Larry in Florida

    NCLEx "Difficult" Question?

    They are all difficult if you don't know the answer! So get on the computer and start answering questions ( at least 5-7 thousand) good luck. Larry Rn in Fla:spin:
  11. Larry in Florida

    Requirements for taking the RN NCLEX.

    Nope , Not that I'm aware of. Take the clinical and graduate! Larry RN in Fl EC graduate
  12. Larry in Florida

    How important is NLN accreditation?

    If its not NLN then don't mess with it. Thats my opinion. Larry RN in Florida
  13. Larry in Florida

    Problem removing male cath

    Well you shouldn't cut the cath, however there is a record of how much was put in the balloon right? make sure that amount is taken out right? Have the patient cough and pull firmly but not overly right (critical thinking here, scary). Now if that doesn't work and you have taken out all liquid right ? Put the same amount back in and wait 30 min right ? then remove after removing liquid again. Larry RN in Florida
  14. Larry in Florida

    What do you think about people calling you "honey"?

    My,My My, All the meanness in this world. If we all could just treat and talk to each other with a little bit of compassion and love without taking it as an affront. Call me honey any time; I have been called everything under the sun soo please , please call me honey! Larry RN in Florida
  15. Larry in Florida

    Passing meds you did not pull.

    Don't let me catch that kind of crap going on! Larry RN in Florida
  16. Larry in Florida

    Ambulatory Surgical Center?

    just started 2 months ago in pre-op. love it! paper work yes but starting lots of iv's. ekg's, assisting with blocks (orthopedic same day surgery ) etc, etc. good luck!! larry in florida:spin: