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After 6 months of looking for jobs in my home state I decided to make a 3 weeks trip to florida to job junt. Within 3 weeks here I had 5 interviews and out of 5 I got 3 offers on the spot for a job, 2 from a nursing/rehab facility and one hospital and I ended up accepting the hospital offer on a medsurg floor where I always wanted to start.

Getting those 3 on the spot offers helped with my self confidence and made me realize that there's nothing wrong with me and it was just the case of being in the wrong place at the right time or something like that. So there is still a jobs out there for new grads, just needs determination and perseverance. Keep your confidence high and never doubt your self. Hope you guys eventually find that opportunity to start your nursing career. Just keep on trying and you will eventually get that opportunity.

congrats! for those who are still looking and waiting, keep that faith!


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That's great...whats your home state?


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Thank you for the encouragement and CONGRATS!!!


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That's great...whats your home state?


thanks guys.


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I am glad to hear that you were able to find some positions and that your ego got the boost. We all need that for sure. I graduate on Friday the 31st and am feeling the anxiety of "where are the jobs!!!!".

I have a question for whoever cares to respond. Your advice would be appreciated.

So I am getting my resume out there and so far, no calls. I have, however, received a call from a Behavioral Health facility for juveniles where my friend is an LPN. They are looking for a night RN and I went and talked with them a couple weeks ago. The problem is that my heart really wants to work on a floor in a hospital but my head says...Money is money...get experience. Clearly my ideal would not be behavioral health not only because of the potential loss of clinical skills but if I am a night RN, these kids will be going to bed and I would have very little to do. Believe me, I am BROKE but I don't want to take something just because I am poor. On the other hand , experience is experience right??? But would it be the right experience to have when I go to apply 6-12 mos. down the road at a hospital. UGH I need a life coach!!

Any ideas? Wisdom?

Jeffrey in Indianapolis

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