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  1. DestinedRN09

    Cardiac Stepdown - meds, skills needed

    Hey Im starting on CCU stepdown in about a week or so also... I'm excited and nervous but Its been a long time coming and Im so thankful! Thanks for the info Loveanurse!
  2. DestinedRN09

    NELRP 2010

    I have a question, I know most of you turned in your application and what not. I'm looking into this program for next year but I am currently in service obligation for the HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program. Has anyone received this award in the past and applied to this program? I imagine that I cant apply for it until my 2 year obligation is up but I was just wondering...
  3. DestinedRN09

    I just feel stupid...

    Im looking into a refresher course those are hard to find, and I recently moved out of state and left all of my books but Ill have to go buy one or something cuz this is ridiculous! Lol
  4. DestinedRN09

    I just feel stupid...

    Ok, I took a job as a RN "in transition" basically a CNA with learning activities like NG tubes, foleys, ivs, etc...basic skills until my employer finds a job for me. I graduated in May and its safe to say that I've lost most of my "nursing" mind. Lol, I cant remember simple things. basic nursing principles... its really bad. Any advice as to how I can build my skills again? I am restricted with my job to perform certain tasks although I have my license... Basically my question is what can I do while not a work to retrain my mind in nursing? PLEASE HELP!!! TIA!!!
  5. DestinedRN09

    Frustrated New grad!!!!!!!

    Lol! I have been "Under Review" status at this job for like 3 weeks and its still open to apply for, I call the HR and Nurse Manager and can't get in touch with either one! Sooo, I will be paying them a visit soon (They're out of town lol) Yes, I would love to move to Texas, I have family in Houston but they are swamped with candidates. I couldnt see myself moving to the border or even San Antonio by myself. I have put some thought into it seeing as how it's a nursing job...
  6. DestinedRN09

    I did it!!!

  7. DestinedRN09

    Frustrated New grad!!!!!!!

    wow I need to do that lol!!! Thank you so much for sharing those encouraging words!
  8. DestinedRN09

    What else can I do to move my application "up"?

    It wouldn't hurt to call the DON on Friday, but also it sounds like you have covered all bases! Good Luck. I hope you get it!
  9. DestinedRN09

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    I honestly have my days where I feel depressed and defeated also. Some tips I have would be play with your children, spend time doing mindless things, and most importantly pray! I surf the Internet or YouTube for a good laugh, play with my dog, and fall on my knees every night. I know God will bring me out of this and we all will find a job sooner or later. Hope that helps! Stay positive and blessed :0)
  10. DestinedRN09

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    1. It will be one year in May, I have been working PRN for a home health agency doing pca assessments for clients (paperwork ) 2. Too many to count, I've been applying for a year now, hospitals nursing homes and agencies everywhere 3. I have alot of loans out, currently deferred Thank God! 4. Single, no children 5. Yes, I would have, I think I would have been smarter while in school. Doing internships (it wasnt a requirement in school), networking, and working for a hospital while in school.
  11. DestinedRN09

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    Sighh, so I finally got a call from a hospital they were willing to offer me an interview which would take place on Tuesday (day after MLK) and its on a whole different coast. So despite all of that I was definitely willing to go, in order to be granted the interview I had to complete an assessment with situational and personality questions. So I took the test and I did not pass. So now I feel sooo stupid, I know others who applied and passed this silly test and its like wow, not only do I feel stupid, but I also feel like I should have known the answers! I was soooo close to an interview for a new grad position with a very prestigious hospital on an ICU floor= My dreams! So I have a question: How are you staying abreast on information during this break of employment?
  12. DestinedRN09

    I dont know what to do>>> please come in!

    Thank you very much for your feedback, I will do that after the holidays!
  13. I am an old new graduate (May 2009) who is still looking for a nursing job. I am not sure what I am doing wrong in regards to applying for jobs or resume writing. Ive had maybe three job interviews since getting my RN license in July. I have little experience outside of clinicals, I have worked as a PCA and resident assistant in a nursing home during nursing school. I currently have a PRN job working for a home health agency completing PCA assessments, but heres my dilemma. While it is a job, its not nursing experience while theres occasional medication set up, I feel like in the long run employers may say oh, u haven't done actual nursing care. I'm at the point where I dont like this job and I feel like its a waste of my time. On the other hand, I can't get past the application with some of these jobs. I feel like maybe its my experience, because it doesn't necessarily translate with working in a hospital or ltc setting. Another thing is alot of my job experiences were short because I went to school out of state. I currently hold licenses in two states and Ive applied for jobs everywhere! I'm at a lost, any advice or suggestions for me. Ive tweeked my resume a few times but I feel like no matter how I word it, Im still getting the same results. P.S. Another thing to add is that I currently reside in a state and within a year my family will be moving, so even I wanted to stay, this job would only add to my list of job hopping. PLEASE HELP!
  14. DestinedRN09

    Post here about your new grad hiring woes....

    I have seen quite a few jobs on government websites, like usajobs.gov or governmentjobs.com for jobs in Ohio, but its the same with everywhere else. Its just so many factors that go on with jobs these days, for instance, I applied for a job thats been posted forever and received a msg that it was filled, yet its still posted... CORRUPT I tell u! Also, I just want a Christmas Miracle of a J.O.B!
  15. DestinedRN09

    Mixed Messages about the job outlook in Louisiana

    Hey Ttanika, Unfortunately, its been very hard to get a job anywhere, esp within the Ochsner system but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  16. DestinedRN09

    States hiring New RN Grads?

    I just want to thank u all for making me realize that I could b doing something very wrong with my job search! It is safe to say that we all should apply for any and every position available to us, for the ones we really want make any and every effort to contact recruiters and unit managers to land the job. I agree that for some it comes easily but for others u may have to work harder. So let's fight for that position!