Which bag do you use?

  1. Just a quick question....I've been doing HH per diem for a year now and am searching for a new bag to carry around my supplies. I've been browsing the websites and internet and was just hoping to get some input. Currently I use a backpack but I want a new one.
    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   lyv33
    I prefer to use a plastic tote bag with a zipper that has no openings or pockets on the outside. This is because of roaches. Isn't it terrible that you have to shop for supplies with this rational for what you buy?
  4. by   renerian
    Where do you keep your handwashing supplies to wash before you enter the clean part of your bag? Just curious?

    I have a nice bag we order from a supply house. If you email me I will check the company and email you tomorow.


  5. by   Katnip
    I like the LL Bean teardrop backpack. Holds tons, lots of pockets inside and looks good.
  6. by   hoolahan
    I have a nice leather LL Bean backpack too. It has tons of pockets, which, yes, is an issue with roaches, but if a home has roaches, I keep a smaller canvas bag in the car, I just throw in only what I need from the bag. The bag is beige, so I can see everything, no hideyholes, and I would put the hand gel in my pocket. I have also used a fanny pack, but I don't like wearing that.

    In my Bean Bag, I can keep therm probe covers in one little pocket, alcohol wipes in the teeny pocket, hand gel in another. In a larger front pocket I have paper towels, soap, and a few plastic bags. On the larger side pocket I can squeeze in a smaller flat-style sharps container. Inside, there are two large pockets, one for my lab supplies, syringes, etc, the other for dressings in a zip lock bag, and then my cuff and scope and thermometer.

    It gets heavy, b/c I also have a spanish book for healthcare professionals and a drug book in there. But, it is great for having my hands free while climbing rickety steps, but sometimes it gets so heavy, I feel like it will pull me backwards! I really don't travel light.
  7. by   goodywhyte
    Oh what an interesting topic! I have a black (now I'm thinking about roaches) bag with a zipper compartment that holds thermometer, probe covers, alcohol wipes, scissors, business cards, next compartment closes with a snap and holds BP cuff, steth, next section open and carries drug book, cotton tipped applicators, wound measuring thingys, last compartment zips...and its the dirty section. Somewhere in there are a few gloves, I forgot where, and my bag is in the car. I keep everything I need for blood draws in a little tackle box and only take it in if I'm drawing blood. We also use the Lab in a Box...a wonderful "invention".

    Do you all use hand cleaner? Should I? I usually have a papertowel and use patient's bathroom to wash hands because it's such a good way to check out the house/bathroom for DME, etc. I've learned alot about...alot...from those little trips down the hallway. And if they are going to have alot of visits from SN PT OT I usually recommend they put a roll of papertowels in the bathroom for the visits.

    Now I want a backpack from Bean!
  8. by   renerian
    Did you check out the bags yet?

  9. by   renerian
    Did you find a bag you liked yet?

  10. by   goodywhyte
    I looked on the Bean website but didn't find one described as "teardrop"! However, I did find a nifty double compartment straw bag with a zipper compartment in the middle and little pockets everywhere at Walmart. So, for now I'm using that as my Spring bag...and light colored for "insect observations". On a grimmer note, I resigned my positon... So, my bag and I shall be looking for new stomping grounds.

  11. by   renerian
    Goodwhyte sorry to hear you resigned. Where are you heading?

  12. by   nightingale
    I carry a very small bag over my upper half but not over the shoulder, with my BP Cuff, Temp. Probe,, Sat Monitor, Alcohol Wipes, and gel in. PDA in my pocket with drug book etc. My stethoscope is around my neck and chart is clipped to my board. I once carried a huge bag over my one shoulder but since my sciatica flair up this year I have worked to NOT carry so much in that way.

    I always wear a jacket or vest with pockets so I can fit note stickies and pen and lots else in my pockets if needed.

    Oh I got my little bag a a garage sale; it is so cute with it's embroidered designs. It looks like it is from Guatamala! It sure makes me feel like a hippy nurse and makes my patients smile with many remarks at how "convenient and small" it is.
  13. by   renerian
    I usually wear a lab coat unless it is summer and I need the pockets as well. Your bag sounds cute!

  14. by   goodywhyte
    Ohmigosh I don't know! Can you believe I resigned without another job in sight. But, every week my job description changed and expanded, bearing no resemblance to the one I took 6 months ago. I was admissions/qa/case manager/clinical supervisor/and in the field...salaried with 50+ hours/week and no comp time..."paychecks held" if paperwork exceeded 48 hour deadline. In all my years as a nurse, usually at supervisory level, no one has had such a strange attitude toward the RNs. So, wherever I go it will not be a mom-and-pop type home health company. I don't know, maybe I'm spoiled, but work should be a blessing, not a curse that chokes life out of one. Not expecting daily bed of roses, but a sense of satisfaction, at least. How are you doing dear Renerian...better or still thinking "field"? goody

    p.s. I would still like to find that Bean bag! lol