Ventilator Tubing Condensation

  1. I work with ventilator dependent children and have been heard multiple ideas about the best way to remove condensation from ventilators attached to fisher paykel heated humidifiers. Does anyone have any articles or information about the best way to remove water from the tubing? I have heard both that it is better to leave the tubing connected and dump the water back to the fisher paykel and also that you never do that, you should disconnect the tubing and dump the water into the garbage. Thoughts? Articles?

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I always maintained the circuit and dumped it back into the FP/ heater. All of my RTs in PICU did the same not only with the home vents but hospital vents. Opening the circuit increases the risk of contamination and infection, and it also makes the PEEP drop to zero- which in some kids is REALLY counterproductive.
  4. by   MunoRN
    The general rule is to leave the closed circuit closed as much as possible, if you don't really need to break the circuit then don't do it. There's no rationale basis to believe that dumping the condensation back into the heater/humidifier increases the total bacterial load of the system. Opening the system on the other hand does produce the potential for contamination.
  5. by   Wlaurie
    I always dumped it back in also.