Ultimate Nursing Bag

  1. I'm interested in purchasing the Ultimate Nursing Tote Bag by Nursemates but I would love to hear from anyone who may have one now how they like it. The trouble with buying something on-line is you can't actually pick it up and look it over. Are there plenty of compartments so you can access things easily rather than digging through everything? Currently I carry a laptop bag and my nursing bag. I'm hoping to consolidate everything to one bag. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   nurseby07
    I just looked at it online, for $30, you can't go wrong. Do you think it holds a laptop?
    Also, did you see the on-line reviews, all 100% positive. Think I need one of those..
  4. by   ididitrn
    I decided to order it...it should be here in a few days. Hopefully it's what I'm looking for.
  5. by   DutchgirlRN
    i have one that is very similar. looks the same to me. we get them free from the agency and it has the name and logo embroidered on it. it is a wonderful bag and keeps everything organized. there is room for a laptop but i don't think it's padded enough to keep it safe unless you put it in a padded sleeve first.
  6. by   isitfridayyet?
    My question is, shouldn't there be a clean compartment and a dirty compartment? I don't see that with this bag.
  7. by   imanedrn
    Does the bag come with anything in it or is it just a bag with lots of pockets and stuff -- designed for a nurse to fit anything s/he needs in it?

    Also, anyone who's bought one, can you give me more details? I'll be going into HH part time soon and would like to keep options like this in mind.

  8. by   ididitrn
    The bag arrived this afternoon. It does not come with any equipment but there are enough compartments and pockets for all of my equipment. It does not have clean/dirty areas but I was my hands before going into the bag and clean the equipment with a saniwipe before putting them away. It's lightweight but seems to be sturdy. No room for the laptop but everything else fits. So far so good...
  9. by   iluvaxo
    Our HH agency purchased these bags for our nurses. They are very lightweight and hold your laptop and commonly used supplies (specialty supplies and extra stock will need to be carried in your trunk stock).

    The smaller front zipper pocket holds your phone, keys, eyeglasses, camera, pens, etc. The next larger zipper pouch area is great for holding supplies you are bringing in for that specific patient visit (foley cath kit, ostomy, wound...), the next zipper is a large "drop down" work area that has pockets for your BP cuff, stethescope, scissors, penlight, thermometer...the kind of durable items that you use on multiple patients. There is a pocket to put alcohol wipes to clean the equipment after using it, and a large pocket to carry barriers (chux, paper towels, newspaper) to place the bag upon...best practice is to hang the bag, next best to place ontop of barrier above the floor (yes, I've had dogs pee on my bag). Then there is the really big zippered compartment to hold your frequently used supplies (wound care, lab, etc) with a separate padded area for you laptop/paperwork/chart. Two side pockets can be used as a "dirty area" for hand cleaning supplies, waste bags, small sharp container, etc...

    Put cute little zipper pulls on the various zippers for quick identification of which compartment that you need to enter.

    I hope that this helps. The ex-paramedic in me still uses a toolbox with a removable top tray and compartments in the lid, though. :wink2:
  10. by   clumsy penguin
    I was planning on ordering this bag for clinicals and to keep all my medical/clinical junk together... however I decided on ordering the Thirty-One gifts organizing utility bag... I ordered the minty chip color and even got another one half off! I also ordered a zipper pouch to store my stethoscope in! I love these bags! tons of pockets and very cute!
  11. by   SuesquatchRN
    I bought it and the hardware broke. Two zipper pulls and a strap. Annoying.
  12. by   SeaH20RN
    I use a diper bag I bought at Target. $29.00. Black with Eddie Baur logo. Looks professional. Its perfect size plus it stands up
    by-it's-self. I have also used the larger camera bags in the past. but cameras are so small these days they dont make those any more. Check it out and good luck.