Non-licensure states - page 2

Anyone have a listing or resource of states that do not require a license to practice as a home health agency? Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   minurse
    TheKing is absolutely correct- not all states require a license. MI is non- licensure state. You only need to hang you shingle out on the porch. However, if you expect to provide care to Medicare clients and bill Medicare, you must be ceritified by CMS and this requires you be certified thru the state. In addition, some insurance companies will only work with agencies that are Medicare certified- they believe this is a judgement of quality.

    Tennessee is a licensure state and also a Certificate of Need State. Not only does the state license ALL agencies, but you also have to prove a need exists for the service area. A whole other ballgame.
  2. by   renerian
    Ohio is a non licensure state for home health agencies.