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  1. I am wondering what are your favorite references for home health nursing? Favorite journal, web site(s), or favortie book?

    I like Home Health Nursing by Robyn Rice as a book. Also like Mosby's pt teaching handbook, have it in my car, read it at red lights between visits, so I don't forget to teach anything if it's a diagnosis I am not overly familiar with, like what foods to avoid for Gout.

    Also wondering, with regards to pt teaching, how many of you have nice printed pt ed materials. This area in my agency is sorely lacking. We only have dietary and diabetic materials. I want to start a pt ed committee, but I am pretty sure people will not want to do this on their own time, and I seriously doubt we will be given free time to work on this kind of thing. How do you do it where you are?
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  3. by   kids
    Pediatric Home Health Nursing by Mary Ann Chesnut RN

    Home Healthcare Nurse - The Journal for the Home Care and Hospice Professional Editor-Carolyn J. Humphrey, MS, RN

    The only really nice patient info/teaching stuff we have is from Corporate and we have to PAY for it in printings of 50 or 100...since what we do is private duty-long term we really cant afford it. I do most of our stuff off the net...copying and pasting my way to phagerism...

  4. by   Kiscellus,R.N.
    Aspen puts out great (but expensive) teaching aids. I probably have a ton of stuff that I have collected over the years. I have worked for agencies that are lacking in this area. I wind up using my stuff to make up for it.
  5. by   nursemicke
    Teaching Aids for Home care Nurses by Springhouse. Also, you can get great teaching books from the nih for free. The diabetes books are great. NDIC 1 Information Way, Bethesda, MD 20892
    301-654-3327 ndic@info.niddk.nih.gov
  6. by   hoolahan
    Hi Anne, I have the decub ulcer and cancer pain nih booklets, or was it AHCPR guidelines, can't remember, didn't know they had DM booklets, that is great, thanks.
  7. by   nursemicke
    Hi Hoolahan,
    New Hoolahans on the eastern shore of Maryland. Great Irish family!
    I have Robyn Rices book also.
    You are right about AHCPR. I have many of their materials. They are also free. Don't have web site for them. Will have to look that up. Google is great.
    AHCPR Clearinghouse
    P.O. Box 8547
    Silver Springs, MD 20907
    You sure work for a bad agency that they don't have supplies and teaching materials.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Was in the garage + dug around work:

    Above books great, love Springhouse Teaching Aids---just mailed off copies of missing aids to an RN in Mass.

    Swear by T. M. Marelli's ---The Handbook of Home Health Standards and Documentation Guidelines for Reimbursement, "The Little Red Book" (Mosby), for documentaion, care planning and patient goals for 485 Plans of Treatment as Diagnosis based along with ICD9 codes!! Have bought 2 editions, spiral bound and size of a drug handbook.

    Check out this website found tonight for tons of links re Home Health aids/books/resources, etc.

    Directory of Home Care Resources

    Patient handouts can be found at www.advancefornurses.com
    and [url]www.advanceforlpns.com---located bottom left corner.
  9. by   wenron
    We have our goals on one sheet with a numerical system that leads to the teaching materials. ie if goal is that pt will be able to name 3 s/s chf, then you pull folder 4 and pull a copy. If you take the last copy, give it to the secretaries to make another. This works pretty good, but does take some extra time. What I like is that you can give the copies out vs reading it before going into home and not having anything to give them to remember what you've taught.

  10. by   sereneintexas
    Hi there! These are all good resources ya'll are quoting. I have most of the books mentioned here and lots of handouts that I have collected over the years. The problem is, I'm trying to down size as I am thingking about doing traveling nursing. There is no way that I can tote it all with me. I was hoping to be able to find a site where I can print out teaching aids as I need them for each individual patient. Can anyone help me with this?