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Hi, as a newly appointed moderator, I want to live this forum up a bit. I just resigned my position as a HH supervisor, to go back to the field. I have been a nurse 20 years, 17 in critical care,... Read More

  1. by   crystal newsxyz
    Hi, I hail from both NYC and PA. I have 21 1/2 years as an RN, and eight years as an LPN. I too recently, resigned my position in the largest homecare agency in NYC after 13 years of employment. I have been a field coordinator of care, a manager, a educator and a QA specialist.I am finding a general lack of respect for nursing both from nurses and other professionals. The treatment of those of us with many years of dedicated service is far from desirable. However, the home care environment is both challenging and very rewarding if you can put up with the business focus and office politics. I am currently taking off one month to refresh my outlook. I will be going into performance improvement. Where are you from? Is $30 per visit considererd average? NYC the rate is between $50 - $58/visit for regular adult visits, infusion is more. I do not know the rates for PA. Is anyone out there familar with the Poconos region of Pennslyvania, and there general salary structure?
  2. by   CraftyLPN
    I started out In HH (peds mostly) after I recieved my nsg license in 1999...
    I absolutely love it!! I have tried the LTC scene..and it just gets too hectic and burn-out seems to happen alot quicker....maybe thats just me...but anyways...Love what I do..and plan on sticking with it...until I get the chance to further my education!
  3. by   homenursingrj
    I've spent thirty-three years now, adopting medically fragile babies and children. I would call this is a personal form of home health care. I love my children, hate when they die, and am blessed with them for always. I don't have a boss over my head, and choose my favorite work, for the most part. The only down sides are: no time off, and no retirement. I still wouldn't have changed my life for anything.

    My life consists of lots of physical care. It has included years of suctioning, clapping, oxygen, tube-feeding, and the many obvious things.

    I know many other families with this life style, but I just found this forum.

    Are there any others like me here?

  4. by   Brita01
    Hi homenursingrj. I work as a private duty nurse taking care of a medically fragile 18yo in her home. I work for an agency though. What you do sounds very interesting. I'd like to hear more about it. Can you PM me?
  5. by   live4today
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    .................................................. ..Let's hear from all the HH nurses out there. Out of all those registered members, there's got to be plenty of us on this BB!!
    Hello hoolahan!

    I did HH in 96-97 and enjoyed it, so I'm currently signed up to do it again, but on a minimal basis. I am looking into a travel nurse assignment also just in case I can't get enough hours to meet my living expenses.

    It sure is great to have options isn't it?
  6. by   NurseKelly03
    I currently got a job in Home Health nursing. I graduated in May 2003 and I have working in SICU as a staff RN. That was not my cup of tea. I start my new job Feb. 2. If anybody has any tips or advice for me let me know. I am so excited about this new job and VERY excited I will have normal work hours. I think this will a great oppurtunity for me.

  7. by   RN92
    I did hhn for 9 yrs. I really liked the autonomy of home health - and getting to know your pts on a different level. But, after 9 yrs - I went back to the hospital. I knew that if I had to teach diabetes and htn to one more person (in that much detail) that I would go CRAZY....I was trying to teach complicated disease process' to people who pee'd in glass jars and might or might not have water/electricity this week. Many pts had more pets than they did family members - and they all slept inside. .(the family goat, a few chickens and god only knows how many cats/dogs.(but, I loved just about everyone of them-the pts, not the animals).!! Every nurse should experience the joy you feel when they "finally get it"....(low sugar - baadddd)! God Bless the Home Health Nurse's - they truly can make differences in pts lives.
  8. by   Amax
    Are there any homecare nurses on this site from Michigan. If so. please respond.
  9. by   MEL101
    I was so sure I could handle being a case manager...six wks after being hired my director was terminated one Friday and I came back Monday with a caseload of 55 pts which grew to 70 pts 10 days later. At that point I terminated myself knowing I wasen't on top of what was happening...I'm not sure if I should try another agency or not. I know I can complete 7-8 visits a day as a field nurse but I am just crushed about this other failure...Guess I'll go back to standing in front of a mirror and remind myself that "I am a good nurse, I am a good nurse x 50....whine...thanks for listening......
  10. by   MelissaRN
    Hello everyone. I just got a phone call today from a home health agency that wants to hire me. It's a cut in pay from my hospital job, but to be able to work normal hours and only one weekend a month is going to be worth it. I like the idea of being able to do my nursing duties in the home without being pulled away to care for another patient or feeling rushed because I need to get those midnight meds passed before my admission or post op arrives on the floor. I'm really excited with this new opportunity and my husband likes the idea of me being home at night and on most weekends.

    Does anyone know of any good nursing journals for home health RN's? Where can I find them in order to get subscription? My big fear is being out there alone without having another nurse to bounce things off of.
  11. by   ladydi94956
    Today was my first day as a home health nurse. I can honestly say that I love it. It is also a cut in pay for me but I think it will be worth it. My agency is through the hospital I work for so my only difference in pay is my night differential. We are payed on a case by case basis that is 1.33 times our base salary. So far, the job seems so much less stress than the NSICU that I worked at. Everyone at my old job couldnt understand why I am leaving, they all think that the paperwork is a nightmare. But, what I can tell so far, it doesnt seem soo bad. Maybe its because we are all on computers that looks to be pretty user friendly.
    I have also been looking into any nursing home health journals. I just bought a book that seems pretty helpful.

    Best of luck to you
  12. by   Panthress
    Quote from hoolahan
    Great, thanks for your replies!

    Come you other HH nurses, check in!!
    Hi, Home heath nurse for 15yrs currently vna in Detroit, and about 4 years prior in Chicago, Ill. Home care is truely rewarding. You really get to see the big picture. When I worked in the hospitals I would see the same folks over and over again, and wondered why they kept coming back. After home care I realized that they needed more teaching,instructions, followup and directions. They really did not understand how to manage their disease processes. Although PPS, Oasis, and various cuts, it is difficult at this time to really provide what you need for your patients and their family. Government statistics,data, and Accountants are driving what you can do. The hours are long, and if your agencies policies and procedures are detailed, the job is with you 24hr. We have the lap top and the program we have is Horizons and it is a monster. Every thing goes in that computer, but it has not cut down on the paper. They have to have a paper copy. Overall I enjoy working in the homes, I enjoy sharing information, I enjoy teaching/helping those who really appreciate you.
  13. by   hael171972
    is it true that home health nurses have better pay than nurses in hospitals?...between the two, which is more preferred--a hospital nurse or a home health nurse?...

    ur opinions are greatly appreciated...