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home care per visit pay


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I work for a nonprofit home care agency that is considering going from paying an hourly rate for RN Case Managers to per visit pay. I don't exactly know what this means. I make less than $25/hour at this time. I get reimbursed for mileage. The per diem visit rate is $17/visit which I know is AWFUL!!!

I am responsible for admissions, recerts, OASIS and all other case management responsibilities.

If you can tell me more about this and give me advice on what questions to ask if the agency decides to go this direction, it would be much appreciated.

Generally, people say they are paid better hourly. Set per visit rates are harder to get all of your 'time worked' compensated.


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RUN!!! Run as fast as you can!!!! I am paid by the visit, and frankly it seems QUITE unfair! You cannot possibly do everything that case management requires you to do, and see your patients and document on them on a per visit basis!:confused::uhoh3::mad:

jbudrick, MSN

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I recently did a pay per visit job. My pay fluctuated based on the agency need for nursing visits. There was no compensation for case management activities that did not involve visits. When I took the job, I thought I would make more money paid per visit. That only works if the agency has the volume of patients. I was also forced to "share" patients with LPNs - every other visit was to be done by an LPN to save the company money. the agency provided as few visits as possible to patients. I will never do the pay per visit again.

Good luck.


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I have to agree with all the above. Pay per visit encourages a piecemeal mentality for both the agency and the nurse. And $17 per visit would be okay for a home health aide in most areas, but not a licensed nurse. I would find that rate absolutely insulting to say the least. I will not work for an agency that doesn't treat nurses like the professionals we are and pays a salary.


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I inquired about a per diem pay per visit position for an lpn to do med pours. wouldnt tell me what the pay is but i am curious as to how much does an lpn get to do just meds?

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In connecticut an LPN earns approximately $25 for a med administration visit and $35.00 for a med prepour with assessment.


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My company in Michigan Pays $40 per routine skilled visit for lpn's, dont know about med set ups.