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RobinlynaRN has 24 years experience and specializes in med-surg, ICU, ER, Hospice, Home Health,.

Loving life and moving on so I can go to the Nations with my nursing. My current goal is to get my ADN and then enter the MSN Bridge program for my Family Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. RobinlynaRN

    RN to MSN NP

    I am applying to Frontier Nursing University (Formerly Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing) for my ADN-MSN Bridge. I am excited!! Just a few short months and I should be on my way! It's all online, except you are required to attend Frontier Bound, Crossing the Bridge and Clinical Bound out in Kentucky! No GRE requirement if your GPA is greater than 3.2! Family Nurse Practitioner here I come!!!!
  2. RobinlynaRN

    home care per visit pay

    RUN!!! Run as fast as you can!!!! I am paid by the visit, and frankly it seems QUITE unfair! You cannot possibly do everything that case management requires you to do, and see your patients and document on them on a per visit basis!
  3. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    yeah...LOL...You will find out how strong you ARE, how challenging school after 40 can be, (you know about that by now I am sure!!!) and just how awesome you feel as you gain that sense of accomplishment!!! I cried, threatened to quit...(No, seriously, I threatened to QUIT!!!) Could not for the LIFE of me figure out how the 20 somethings were handling school, while they juggled their partying schedules...Threatened to KILL all the 20 somethings....Wondered why I ever did this to begin with....Threatened to KILL my husband....wanted to eat myself into oblivion, all while I was studying and praying the info would stick... Did I mention I wanted to KILL my instructors, their offspring and the adjunct staff as well??? Then, I threatened to quit once, and one of those stinkin' 20 somethings informed me that it was only 2 days to graduation...I finally relaxed!!! LOL If you have ANY of those feelings, RELAX you are normal and will be just fine!! My advice? Read this post MONTHLY to inspire confidence in your "I candoitness"!!! Happy studies...and remember, Nursing is a PROCESS!!! LOL
  4. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    You will make it an do just fine!! I finished in December of 2010, graduated with HONORS, and was among the oldest in my class!! If I can do it after 20 years of being out, you can do it too!!! Go show them how it's done! Best wishes on your journey! Remember, you are achieving your dreams...I am now on for my Master's degree! (Family Nurse Practitioner) You got this! ;-)
  5. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi JenJenCan, I have only one thing to say about College Network. You have to be VERY disciplined!!! I was not disciplined enough to get the job done. I have done online classes, but CN is completely self directed and self paced. You will pay for ALL of it whether you complete it or not, so be careful!. I ended up paying for my education twice! I just took my NCLEX-RN Boards this morning!!! We will see how that works out for me. 75 questions!!! Lots of nerve wracking waiting now! Wish I could know sooner than 48 hours! Friday will have to do!!! Good luck in whatever you decide!!! Robin...GN, maybe:cool: RN one day...LOL
  6. RobinlynaRN

    Terrified to go back to school?

    Hi Starfish, I had been out of school for over 20 years when I bridged in. There was no way that my skills were up to date and no way that I could make up for anything that I might have lacked. I am proud to say that I graduate this weekend with a fine group of nursing students and was among the best in the class of almost 80. I spent time in the skills lab refreshing my memory about things and took things on an as needed basis. Remember that they are teaching you basic nursing skills in the first portion of the program most of which you learned in LPN school. When you bridge in, you will be mainly learning about the things that are more complex and building on previously learned items that they will re-cap for you. You can do this, enjoy the year, it goes very quickly!! Can't believe that after 25 years of nursing I can proudly say that I am ALMOST and RN...LOL!! Now on to that Nurse Practitioner degree!!!
  7. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hello Guitarman, For me personally, I found College Network very pricey and difficult to do. If you are real self motivated,can draw the info from the text without needing to hear it. (lecture) Then you may do ok. I paid thousands of dollars for materials that I ended up not using through College Network. You just have to decide what you really want to do, and if it is worth the sacrifice that you will make. Either way whether through College Network or traditional schooling you will make a sacrifice! I ended up getting scholarships through the college, and student loans. I am the sole support of my family, worked 3 -12 hour shifts a week on the days that I wasn't in class or clincals and I will graduate in December of 2010!! You can do it either way and you will find that you will adjust to whatever you need to adjust to if you want this bad enough!! Best wishes to you on your journey!! Whatever you decide to do, you will succeed if you want it bad enough. Just remember that without a timetable and motivation of a professor in a classroom, it may be easier for you to decide to not study when you really should be. You have to set aside the time as if you were in school and make some goals to get finished and then follow the plan that you make. Otherwise you will be 5 years down the road like me, and still no closer to your degree!! Good luck!! Robin
  8. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Congrats AMAC! I am finally getting ready to put my last semester of RN school behind me. I graduate in December 2010!! It's been a LONG time coming for me, and I am excited to finally be getting over the last hurdle! Good luck with the VA and blessings to you as you seek out your dream job! Robin
  9. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Going forward was not an easy decision LA STUDENT NURSE, but it has been by FAR the best decision i have made!! Good luck to you as you journey along the path! As I said earlier, I am going into my fourth semester of nursing classes now, and will have my ADN in December. My plan is to do the RN to MSN bridge. Praying it all works out!
  10. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    good for you kiwi...I hope you follow your dreams...I will graduate in December 2010!! Then it's on to FNP for me!
  11. RobinlynaRN

    Help needed with ny license application

    I know it is frustrating, but the very best thing that you can do is call the State Board of NY and ask them. That way you aren't getting conflicting messages from people here, and left with more questions than answers! You might also want to speak with your Sgt or whoever is over you for the paperwork portion of your application to get done by them. They deal with this all the time I am sure. Best of luck to you! ;-)
  12. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Congrats harvmania on your new license! It is hard for LVN's just starting to get into a specialty area, especially OB. I do recommend that you get into an acute care setting ASAP as keeping skills current will be hard in most LTC settings. You need some good med surg experience! I would do that and then try again for the job of your dreams! Good luck on furthering your education! Don't stop, just keep going!
  13. RobinlynaRN

    46 too old to start nusring school?

    Good for you!! Although I became a nurse many moons ago, I am now going back for mt RN and am in the third semester after going through the bridging class! At 46 I too am probably the oldest in the class, but I don't care, I am going for it! Not only that, when I finish I will begin the ADN-MSN Bridge program for my nurse practitioner! Never stop until you achieve your dreams! And I have no idea what the person was talking about who spoke of "ageism" but I will say that many would hire you over the younger new grad because you are a bit more settled, a little less of a risk for them pouring money into you to train you only to have you hop from place to place like many new young nurses will. (As they SHOULD!) Best of luck to you!!
  14. RobinlynaRN

    I was accepted!!!!!!

    Mclennan Community College in Waco! Thanks!
  15. RobinlynaRN

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Thanks Sugga...I was indeed accepted and am currently in the middle of the Transition course! I start 3rd semester on Jan 11th..I am keeping my dreams alive, and not looking at my age as a bad thing but rather looking at the positive side of being experienced...LOL Thanks for your encouraging words! God is faithful!
  16. RobinlynaRN

    Mclennan Community College Info

    Okay everyone!! I GOT IN!!! There were a BUNCH of applicants, someone said around 150 this semester. I had a GPA of 3.8 (gave me 38 points) 2 points for A's in first sciences. (NO points are given for Micro!) and a point for being a local resident. That gave me a total of 41 points. For the BRIDGE competitive was around 38-44 points. I had a dear friend who had 37 points and was declined. If your GPA is below 3.8 I HIGHLY recommend that you take some classes to increase your GPA or simply apply to the full program. There were 15 spots available in this semester's bridge class, and with that many applicants the higher your GPA the better! Do whatever it takes to raise it! I got my letter handed to me personally on Friday, and classes start on Tuesday. That's how long it took them to make a final decision! Good luck to you in your efforts to follow your dreams. Never give up!