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Holy Crapola indeed!

What class is this?

Good luck!!


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NS can be quite a shock, yes? You'll find your way of dealing with things pretty soon--or at least be so caught up in the momentum you don't stop and worry about it :rolleyes:.

What helped me was to sit down once a week and write down all the homework I had to do and right then divide it up into what needed to be done each day. Days I had to work or had family things I planned less homework, etc.

I also planned a lighter schedule of homework over the weekend (we usually had classes Mondays and Tuesdays) so that if I got behind, it would be easier to catch up. And on the occasional days I was ahead, well that was cause for celebration :). OK, that didn't happen all that much ;).


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Hey Pharmgirl, are we in the same school?!?!?!

LOL, I came home catatonic and in shock!

Off to read...:D


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woo hoooo a week and a half of lockdown paid off....93 on the first test. Barely an A, but an A just the same. I'll take it. Ok, enough break for me, off to work on Unit 2.........whew!


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My first test is Tuesday and I think I'm past the initial freak out stage. We have a test every week in Fundamentals and weekly quizzes in Fundamentals Lab. I'm taking a break from studying for a few minutes. My fiance took my daughter to spend the night at his house tonight so I plan to be up most of the night. I feel pretty confident about the Aesepsis stuff....now working on Nursing Process and Documentation.

My goal...is to get a 100% on this and every test in Nursing School. I don't know how realistic that is, but I'm going to push for it every time and hopefully it pays off. Hey...a girl can dream, right? Congrats on your A!! You earned it!


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I just finished my first week, and Holy Crapola indeed. My schedule is crazy.

Monday 8am-12pm

Tues 12:30 pm -4:30pm

Wed 9am-11:30 pm then study group

Thur 9am-3pm

Fri 8am-12pm then open lab


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as winston churchill quoted




give up hang in there! your not alone!

First time nursing student here as well..

First test is this coming friday and it's over 16 chapters, it doesn't sound too rough, except that we have to use the software that came with our fund books to complete 5 chapters by midnight tuesday.

Then on tuesday, there is a lecture and a skill attached so it's our first skill to learn, then a test on that skill a week later :D.

Then a paper the week after this week, then a group project, throw in a few tests...

And there is still our assessment class reading and exams :(.

But this is for a good cause..


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It's only two years! Just repeat that over and over. lol


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Oh, wow, I know how you feel! I just posted a long-winded weepy tale about my first week -- it is pretty overwhelming!

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