are nursing really using alternative medicine?

  1. I have a few questions to put out. I am not yet an R.N., but have just started to look into the field. I'd like to know what "holistic nursing is?" I have heard this term used in different ways. A friend of mine who is attending a nursing school in arcata california said her program offers a certificate in holistic nursing, but this program offers not alternative medicine courses. Is this actaul a specialization? can you get a job with this title?
    For now I am going to assume the question is no and that it was just used for this websight to give interests in alternative medicine a place to go.
    The american public has shown remarkable increase in usage of alternative medicine during what- the last ten years? Well, despite this it seems that allopathic medicine is still pretty closed off to the idea? would you guys agree? have any of you experienced alternative therapies being used at your work? for those in school do any of your classes address the topic?
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    Hey everyone-
    i just realized I made a spelling mistake in the title! you know what i meant.
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    The school that I am going to has a Holistic Nursing track in addition to certificates in holistic nursing. My peers who are in this program explain that holistic nursing is a philosophy of nursing pracice where the whole person (body/mind/spirit) is considered during care. They will point out that holistic nursing in the true sense is not a modality (such as aroma therapy, massage, etc.), but a "philosophy of practice". They prefer to use the term, "complimentary medicine" as opposed to "alternative medicine" as alternative medicine connotates a substitution to modern medicine and it is believed that holistic methods are a compliment to modern medicine, not a substitute. These nurses recognize modern medicine and certainly do not oppose it, but rather offer broader options to treatment and take into consideration the impact of illness on the patient's life, work, family, mind, and any other aspect of that person effected by illness.

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    hey WashYaHands:

    what school are you going to? i'd love to find out about holistic nursing.
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    Sent you a PM for additional information.
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    what school? I'd like to know too.....
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    I just got my BS/MS in holistic nutrition from clayton college of natural health. They also have a natural health holistic program.
    Check it out.

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    oh, I can't go to Clayton cuz I live in AL. I already tried....
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    Clayton is an on line university in Alabama. Must be more than one Clayton. Check it out. All distance ed.

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    there is one Clayton College that doesn't allow AL residents. go to and search for clayton college birmingham al, that is how i found it
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    Wow I will have to check that out. Seems odd huh?

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    Verrrrryyy Interesting
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    went to clayton online, they would not send me ANYTHING & told me it's because of AL....