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Hello I am new to this forum ,I'm a new grad LVN ,I have worked as a CNA for the past 3 years . I got a job as a LVN in an outpatient clinic but there are only medical assistants there ,I'm the only LVN on this site ,and my leader is a medical assistant and all my coworkers are medical assistants , I have being trained for medical assistants . When I was hired ,I was told by the health manager that my duties as a LVN were working in the pharmacy clinic checking the meds and hand them to the patients or to the doctor ,check the immunizations,doing telephone triage and supervise the medical assistants . This is my third week of training and I have being trained only by medical assistants and doing what they do ,and they sent me to another clinic in one city 30 minutes away from my clinic site to be trained by a LV. And when I got there i have just be trained by medical assistants and this same LVN told me that I'm going work on the floor doing the same job as the medical assistants . I don't have anything against medical assistants ,most of them are very helpful ,but some are keeping telling me why I don't know some task if I'm the LVN ,is a competition all the time . Please give me some advise ,thanks


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In a setting where the office/clinic is run by an MD, medical assistants and nurses often do the same thing, which doesn't make it correct, but it seems to be the way it is.

I would find out what supervising the medical assistants means exactly. And what exactly your job description is. Who is handing out meds, doing triage, and the other duties that are descriptive of the licensed person now? If the answer is the medical assistant, I would be darn sure that I was just not a body with the license that could take the heat if something happens, otherwise, your job is not as they described it would be. I would find out when you will have a proper orientation to that.

You may love the job, just be careful.


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Thanks Jade LPN

the medical assistants are doing triages,handing meds and all the duties of a licensed lvn ,I'm dreadful to go to work because they are try to compete all the time . I need to work and can't afford until I find a new job,but no one wants to hire a new grad ,I'm in CA.


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Please if someone else can give me more advises ;)


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There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. Your tasks are your tasks and they would be the same if all of the MAs dried up and blew away, leaving you to be the only worker in the office. Don't take the differences in job titles to heart. Only problem seen, if there is a problem, is that the MAs are developing an intimidating atmosphere by criticizing you and this will come back to bite you in the butt if you are required to take charge over them. That type of situation could also be the same anywhere you are required to supervise others. You will have to develop your leadership style and exhibit that you have a backbone if there ever is a problem with one or more of them, that your boss wants you to correct. Hang in there.


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One thing - please make sure you have . Just to be safe ... Not saying you're going to need it.

There are some iffy areas where you are and you don't want to have that bite bit out of your tusch!


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And remember that the Board is a source of information. The BRN in CA had a position paper online that covered the topic of supervision of unlicensed assistive personnel. You should get with the BVNPT (if you are in CA) and see if they have a similar document.


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If the MAs are competitive that is fine. You are NOT in competition with them or against them because you are not an MA.

I recommend that you learn the tasks related to your job and that you review the job description and duties as outlined in your hire packet. Don't engage in ANY office "politics" or game playing (that is generally what "competition" actually is)

Remember that Medical Assistants practice under the license of the physician. You do not.


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Thanks everyone ,yesterday one of the medical assistants was discussing with me that I had to give an injection that she prepared . I definitely will not play their game ,,they are trying to make my life impossible there ,one of the MAs is putting a clock with the time with the alarm ,and she says that I have about 10 minutes to process a patient ,it's so embarrassing because the alarm goes on if I spent more than the time that she gave to process the patient . So many things going on that I'm dreadful to go yo work.


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Did you see the medical assistant preparing the injection?