Hillary Clinton leads Democrats for 2004 presidential bid: poll

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WASHINGTON, Dec 21, 2002 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- With Al Gore out of the race, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the top choice of Democrats for the 2004 presidential nomination if she chooses to run, according to a new poll by CNN and Time magazine which was released Saturday




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I read about that poll and was amazed. There got to be women candidates that have spent years in politics that make more sense than Hillary. I don't disapprove of her for the reasons some people do. Some people absolutely hate her personality or the fact that she is what they would call to far "left". I just don't feel she has held enough public offices to qualify.


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Oh good God, I would NEVER vote for her.


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I would vote for her over Bush, but really for me, that's just a matter of picking the lesser of 2 evils.


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NOOooooooooo!!!! :eek:

can't stand her for not getting rid of bill. even i have more ba**s than that.


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H. Clinton has advised the press that she has NO interest in running for the office of President in 2004. A wise choice, as it was for Gore, since NO Democrat would be able to beat Bush this next time unless something very unexpected happens meanwhile.

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