Higher Wages or Just Hot Air


I am about ready to scream. I was working with a private duty company here in Dallas area. I have been told that they are paying LVN's 42.00 per hour while my wage was cut from 22.00 to 19.40. This company is Epic Health Services. Is this crap true? I've heard this from 3 nurses and another nurse said she was told the same thing. Also, what are some good private duty companies in the Dallas area. I am with one now that is paying 24.00 per hour, however they have a handful of clients. I barely get 24 hrs per week.

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I suspect what you were 'told' is how much the company charged Medicaid/ insurance per hour of LVN work. Your pay comes from that amount- but you don't get the amount- you get what's left after the case managers/ office people/ rent /overhead is paid.


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I figured as much. If those nurses were making 42.00 per hour then why would they be working for two different private duty companies? Guess they were inflating their wages to make themselves look more superior. And to tick me off.

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Sounds more like a bill rate. Pay rate is likely $16-22

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Epic is by far the worst private duty company I have ever worked for.


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I agree Organized Chaos. I got out before something bad happened.

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I have been paid for visit work, which is FAR more than PD pay; so it is probable to be paid like that, just for skilled visits. :yes:

I would ask, they may be just trying to lead more nurses to their agency.


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Agree that sounds like the billing rate. Nurses usually receive roughly half the billing rate. I've often been told higher rates than what I've been receiving. It seems that someone is fishing for information from me and that they are hoping to find out that they are being paid substantially more (provided they are even telling the truth).