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Hi everyone!! I'm new here. My name is Marcy and I'm 18 years old. I just finished my first semester and still have 5 more to go (ADN program). I'm taking my pre-reqs now and should start nursing classes in the spring and be done by May 2005. Nursing is something I've always wanted to do. I love helping people and the whole medical field just fascinates me. I really want to be a labor and delievery nurse. I'm extremely fascinated by pregnancy and birth. I always watch those show on TV like materinty ward and a baby story. I'm also really nervous about nursing school. Everyone I've talked to always tells me how hard it is and they sound almost discouraging. Is it really that bad?? I try not to pay too much attention to other people because I'm determined to do this. I took a math class and intro psych this summer and breezed through those and got A's. I know the nursing classes are going to be alot different though and alot harder. Well I would like to get to know some of you so please reply back and tell me a little about yourselves, and also if you would like, tell me a little about nursing classes and what they're like.



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Hi there and welcome!!!

You'll find a wonderful amount of support and information here. I'm going to be taking A&P II and some other classes this fall. This is the last class I have to complete before I can apply to start the prog. in Fall o4. Just keep at it and keep that GPA up!!! You'll do just fine :)

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Hello Marcy, and welcome to the BB !!! :)

Love your zest, your excitement, determination, and your hope.

Regardless of what you see and hear all around you, keep in mind that this is YOUR dream.. and it is up to you and you alone to make it what YOU want it to be ! Doesn't happen by magic or without disappointments, but it remains YOUR dream.. the outcome is yours to invent and materialize.

Wishing you all the best on your journey ! :kiss


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Hi Marcy,

I too am in my teen years as you are but have not yet begun my prereqs yet. I hope to begin in fall 04. I'm glad you found this board as it has proved very helpful to me and I'm sure it will to you. Welcome !!


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Hi Marcy,

Welcome to the board!!! You are going to love it here...you'll recieve lots of helpful advice and hopefully you'll be able to give lots of advice. My name is Fatima and I'm a 30 yr. old wife and mother to 4 children. I was an early childhood education major before becoming a nursing...well pre-nursing until I get my acceptance letter (trying to think positive here....lol) I want to be a L & D nurse also after finishing nursing school...with NICU in a close second. Ultimately I want to be a maternal/fetal nurse practitioner.....pregnancy and birth in all of it's splendor....fascinates me too. I'm glad you found us and I hope to post to you soon.



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Welcome to the family Marcy!


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Hi Marcy,

First off- what a great name you have! ;-) I'm starting my first year of nursing program next month an am soooo excited. Your lucky that you breezed through math, having good math skills will help you through Chemistry and in the nursing program. I admire your determination at 18! I'm 37 and it took me awhile to build up determination to pursue a career! Anyway, there are several friends of mine who also were accepted in the program who are 19 - 20 and they are some of the best students I know! Good luck to you and see you around the board!



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Hello and welcome. Boy do I wish I had done this when I was 18. I'm 25 and have been taking pre-reqs for two years. I will start my first official semester as a nursing student this fall when I begin my ADN program. I can't tell you how wonderful it is that you are so young and are pursuing nursing. It isn't going to be a cake walk for any of us, but we all come here to vent, for support, and advice. Use this BB often, it's a wealth of info. and advice. I wish you the best of luck in your program and congratuations.


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marcy, welcome!


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Hey Marcy!

Don't worry you will rock! I think everyone entering a Nursing Program is special, but I really applaud those entering right after High School. Its shows a lot of maturity. Oh, and don't be discouraged by those few bitter souls. You will find them everywhere--not just nursing. You will do great!

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and nice words. You all made me smile :) I'm sure I'll be around here often. You all are so nice! Thanks!



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Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 18 and in nursing school. I give you credit for your maturity and ambition. Hope you do well in school and your future career.

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