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Can you please give me some heparin calculation questions to work out. You need to know the answer. I will work the question out post the answer and see if I'm right. Anyone game?


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bag of heparin 25,000units/500cc

order is to bolus 2000 units

pt's weight is 70kg

start gtt at 1550u/hr.

How many cc/hr on pump should the infusion run?

(yea I know...easy question:)


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You have a 20000 in 1cc vial, and you want 7800 units, how many cc.


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is it 0.39cc's?

The first question is a little over my head yet,sorry. I haven't had to figure weights into it yet.


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Are all your heparin bags the same concentration? When we went to the standard of 10,000 in 1000 all of a sudden heparin drips became easy as pie.

passing thru

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I don't have time right now....packing and shopping and going to the accountants office....maybe you should post it again in student nursing forum...maybe get a study group going...


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In answer to the first question, I dont think you have to use the weight, that is in there to throw you a bit I think. All she wants is the pump setting!!!!!

And yes 0.39 is correct,

Specializes in Interventional Pain Mgmt NP; Prior ICU and L/D RN.

I did just throw the weight in as a "little extra". Although we do use weight based protocols to figure the dosages, we don't use them to figure up the cc/hr on the pump.

A trick they showed me when I started working was to just double the units/hr. If they want 1200unit/hr the pump will run at 24cc/hr. It works! Thank god, b/c I hate math:)

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Ack! That weight thrown in there for good measure just took me back to my days in nursing school and I experienced a horrible flashback thanks to you!!!

Thanking God I got out alive,



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Sorry Kristi2377!!

....YES it does have horrible flashbacks of school time doesn't it??

:):) LOL

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