Hey PreReq-ers, how is Fall Semester going so far?


Hey there anyone taking prereqs,

Regardless of when you're hoping to apply to Nursing school, just wondering how the Fall 09 Semester is going? I'm taking my first 2 of 8 pre-reqs this semester. I have Nutrition and Developmental Psych. I was scared to go back to school ten years after graduating (YES, I'm old I know), but so far so good! I have A's in both classes. I'm terrified of next semester though... Inorganic Chemistry. I'm so scared of that class. Ugh.

How is everyone else doing?


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I'm doing very well! I'm taking 5 classes.... A's in four of them and a B+ in A&P lecture. Overall, I'm very pleased right now and plan to have that B+ up to an A before the end of the semester!


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Oh...PS - I'm 49! This is my second semester of pre-reqs.

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I am taking Microbiology right now. I have a 96%. It is SO interesting, and the lab is totally fun! This is my last prereq, orientation for clinical is on Dec 14 WHEE!!!!!!!!

Keep it up!!! You can finish strong, I know you can!!

I'm on my last semester of prereqs (Physiology, Human Develpmnt, and Anatomy) then I start nursing school somewhere, which I'm sure I got in. I finished all the nursing prereqs from, psych, nutrition, microbio....

It's ok to be old! I think the older you are, the better equip you are with experience in life, and I truly respect that. I can appreciate all those times that you've been through as well, so keep it up! This nursing route is a new journey for everyone, that may we all share them. I started my prereqs when I was 16. Now I'm ready off for nursing school. Good luck!!!


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I am currently taking 2 courses since I was working full time at the beginning of the semester. Since I was layed off though, next semester I'm going for full time. This semester is speech and psych of pers effectiveness. Next semester I'll be starting my maths and sciences. I'm hoping to be done with those by the end of the summer mini terms and apply to the nursing program commencing Jan 2011. I'd love to apply to the one starting in Aug 2010 but the application cut off is before I finish all my sciences. I can't wait til I can finally apply! : ]


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Oh and I've got an A average so far. Hope I can keep that going. : ]


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Right now all of my classes are doing fine. I'm pulling A's in all of them (Micro, Stats and Development Psych) except for Anatomy which is somewhere between a B+ and an A-. I failed the first test but pulled a 90 on the second one so hopefully I'll stay in that range. I can't afford to get anything lower in that class lol


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Only taking four (technically three) classes - have As in statistics, human biology lecture, and human biology lab. Also taking Art - have a C- right now, and the way my professor grades, I'll be happy just to get a C. xD So much for a "fun" class! I start the "hardcore" sciences next quarter - A&P1, Chem, and Developmental Psych! I'm 19, btw. ;3 A youngster.

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Not too bad...all things considered.

Also, finishing up my last quarter of prerequisites. I'm taking micro and actually am somewhat enjoying it. Our first exam was last week and I honestly felt a little blindsided. I've never had "circle all that apply" on a multiple choice exam before. So after I handed it in, I was in devastation mode. I guess I better get used to that testing style though, because I hear those are the type you'll get on the NCLEX. Anyway, I got my results back a few days ago and I am pleasantly surprised by how well I did.

Three more exams to go and 15 more class days...:up:


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Finished nurse assisting skills with a 97%. Making 95% or better in A&P1, college algebra, and Psychology. I am 33 years old and should get accepted for fall if I keep up the 4.0! I got 99th percentile on the NLN entrance exam.


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I am currently taking two pre-req classes, developmental psy and stats. I also work full-time, so just having the time to study has been the hard part, but I am doing good so far. However, I had a stats exam last week and it was really hard. I just want to get an A in developmental psy and hopefully a solid B in stats.