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Hi I am so excited, I registered for school today and start Wedensday. I also got my books today and they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. They were only $370.00 which is enough but I thought it was going to be at least $500.00. Well Starting Wedensday I will barely be around but I will come and keep everyone up to date on my progress.

Take care and good luck everyone

Hello Peacrful2100,

I just got my books on Sat. and the total came to $450 and my tution came up to $460. My books were suppose to be $750, but I shopped around to save money. I also started school today the courses that I attended today were nursing process and pathophysiology. Both of the courses are going to require a lot of outside reading before lecture to ask question later. The nursing process instructor is very strict about being on time and will lock you out until there is a break. The patho instructor does not care whether or not you attend the class.


Brown Suga:)

My tuition was 4000, just paid that :) My stafford loan came in just in time!

My books came to 525 this semester (but next semester should be my cheapest one yet). Sophomore year my books were almost 800 bucks! I kept them all :)

Remember gals (and guys) that even though class attendance may not be "required", it should be, atleast in your own minds. Missing classes makes staying on top of things much harder. Text book reading are great, but there is a lot of content in class discussions and lectures that will really drive in the readings. Not saying that you would skip class anyways, im sure you are smarter than that!

Classes for me start a week from today! Cant wait! 9 more months, and I will be a graduate!

Good luck everyone! I hope your first weeks (and those that follow) go smoothly!


My book cost is $442 this semester and they weight about 1,000 pounds!! I've kept all of my books except for a few from things like survey math etc......those I gave to the dean and told her to give them to a student that can't afford their books (pay it forward was a great movie!).

I'd like to start something like that at school. If a student has a book that they don't want....give it to another student (allot of instructors will let you use the previous edition, even if a newer one is available) to help them afford the cost of a nursing education. Most of the students that I have told this to have donated at least one book from the previous semester!

We start on the 4th....can't wait!! Almost to the point where I have to lay down to zip up my jeans!! LOL!

My books cost $600 - for three classes - A & P I, Basic Nursing Concepts and Nutrition! I started my A&P last night; same instructor as my Micro. class. He starts the class off by going over the differences between an "A" and "C" student! It seems like it's going to be a good class, even with all of the memorization. We have an all-day nursing orientation tomorrow and then my nursing classes start. Boy - those books sure look (and feel) intimidating! Well, good luck to all of the other first year, non-traditional ASN nursing students (actually, good luck to all of the nursing students)!

Well, I bought my books last week. My tuition came to $940 (this semester is only 9 credits, because I have all of my pre-reqs done), and my books were $920. Pretty amazing, huh? They say that we shouldn't need many more books for the remainder of the program, so that's good at least.

I have a scholarship, so I don't pay for books or tuition. I bought every single book even the ones that were optional. If I had been paying myself, I think I may have been a bit more frugal. (And I would have been crying my eyes out on the way home)

I had to bring my friend with me to help me carry all the books to my truck. How do you all manage with the heavy books? I'm sure I'll be in PT before I graduate.

Orientation the end of next week, and class starts Sept 5.




Heavy books = buy a very good backpack, and always wear it on both shoulders, never on just one, wearing it on one is a good way to injure your back for life!

Also, this year I have seen a lot of rolling backpacks on wheels... I think I am going to invest in one this year!

Rolling backpacks are the best thing to have. I used one last semester and (other than not being able to move on a lawn) it was the best investment I ever made.

How people (including my kids) carry 40 pounds of books around on their backs is beyond me!!!:eek:

I am only taking one class, but I still paid $116.00 for books. One (used) paperback chemistry book and one (new) spiral bound black and white lab workbook. Since the actual cost of the book is recovered in the initial sale of the book, I really don't see why used books are so outrageously priced. I love the idea posted below about passing books on to lowerclassmen. It doeasn't even need to be a complete act of charity to be a huge help. I would pay someone the same price the bookstore would give them in a sellback. They get what they would have gotten anyway, I get a cheap book, they get the satisfaction of knowing they saved a fellow student $. I wonder why students haven't revolted and started there own buyback systems in more schools yet?

If you can find out your books far enough ahead of time to mail order you really can save yourself some money shopping on the internet. You can compare prices on a shopping service like MySimon. I bought a Maternal/Child book that was $80.00 used at the campus bookstore, online for $68.00- and that included the shipping.

I just sold back a few books I will no longer be needing. I can not believe the ridiculous prices they "pay" us. I sold back a used book (looked just as good as the brand new ones) and they paid me 14% of the used price I paid for it. They are pocketing big time!:eek:

Just had to vent to someone who understands. :p

The rolling backpacks are a good deal. I have not brought one yet but I will and I heard good things about them and the costs are coming down. I was in walmart the other day and saw a good one for less than $20.00 not a bad deal. We are going to need our backs for clinicals and once we become nurses even though we use good body mechanics. As far as the price they give you back for books it is totally outrageous. I paid $100.00 for my Algebra book when I had Algebra 3 years ago and tried to sell it back they were offering $10.00. I said what is that all they said yep we are changing editions. They are changing editions constantly on purpose. Each and every edition is basically the same maybe they will add a new section or two and reorganize the chapters and that is it.

I have to jump in and add...I LOVE my rolling backpack...couldnt live without it!!

I bought my books and paid tuition, cheapest semester yet! I have a grant too so that helps a great deal...One thing is for sure they sure make a lot of dough off us nursing students!!

Wanted to share too: I have a few care plans books and A&P study books that I decided to sell....I sold them through Amazon.com and it only took 2 days after posting them to get a buyer!!

Amazon takes 15% and then .99 per book BUT they also pay

you a shipping cost. I sold a book for 10.00 and after all the shipping costs and amazons share I made 9.74. Check it out they

have some great used nursing books!!


Feeling stressed............Take a prayer break!
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