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Hey everyone. I am taking my hesi for fundamentals Monday. I am really nervous and not feeling so confident. For those of you who have taken yours, the practice exams on evolve, were the practice exams similar to the actual hesi exam you had to take? Any sites or anything you can recommend for me to study? I am nervous for this one..... help! ~Thanks!

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Yes, the evolve website is a good place to start since Elsevier is the parent company of the HESI. Does your school give you access to the HESI case studies and practice exams? Also, just practicing questions from sources like NCLEX 4000 or Saunder's Comprehensive NCLEX review is always a good thing. I've always had the philosophy that there really is no sure fire way to study for these types of tests. Either you know the information or you don't. Practice questions for understanding of rationales and why one answer is better than the other but don't over think it. I've taken a HESI specialty exam for every nursing course except Community (which I'm currently enrolled) and Leadership (which I will take this summer) {graduating in August. WHOOP WHOOP}.. Anywho, my lowest score on any HESI was a 920 (mental health) which was taken after falling deathly ill the last week of class and taking it a month after the class ended. So that's just my opinion on the matter.. Hope this helps.

Just watch your times... I took mine last week and passed everything, but the times is definitely an issue.

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Just take as many fundamental evolve quizzes and any other HESI questions for fundamentals that you can. All you can really do. You should also know some basic things such as ADPIE, nursing process, Maslow, and some infection control.

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I took my fundamentals hesi on Friday. Definitely do the practice exam. It helped me. However the practice one did not predict my score. I did much better on the real test (1066). I didn't study specifically for the hesi just for our final for class which was the same day.

Hi Cecile9155! Congrats on passing your HESI fundamental! I'm taking mine soon. On your response above, did you mean the HESI RN practice exam on evolve (website)?

Hi Samanddave7b! How was your HESI Fundamental exam? I have to take it very soon. I'm looking for all the tips I can get to pass it. Thanks.

Where can I find the hesi practice questions is that on the evolve website?

My school does not provide practice questions. I will be taking my hesi exit. I need to get 900

to pass it! HELP

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I've heard that NCLEX 3500 is free to download. Google it. It's one edition older than NCLEX 4000 and should have the same content.

So for anyone coming across this thread in dec (2014), here's how i got a 97% on the hesi...However, before i start there are somethings you should know about the exam itself. It's quite different from any exam you've taken before because some questions are weighed more than others. So even if you get 10 wrong it IS still possible to get a very, VERY high score. Likewise, getting 10 wrong can also hurt you. It all truly depends on the question and how "important" it is. The way i studied for this exam and got a 97% is honestly quite simple. HESI actually has a set of practice questions online that encompass the areas they focus on (which is mostly safety, pain, etc). Once you get a "feel" for those type of questions then you can start practicing on those areas. And by practicing i mean doing A LOT of questions. I mostly used this book called "Fundamentals of Nursing: Content Review Plus Practice Questions" for questions on those targeted areas hesi focuses on. But i also used Quizlet (you can google "hesi fundamentals quizlet" to find what you need).

The good thing about making that purchase is that it'll last you for med/surg and all your other future HESI exam classes.

Doing practice questions is definitely the key to doing well! but also remember when you come down to "two" right answers follow maslow or the nursing process. They REALLYYYYYY stress that. Also don't neglect the things pertaining to power of attorney, what you can delegate to the lpn, code of ethics, stuff like that. I used the first 20-30 pages of the HESI Comprehensive NCLEX-RN book for that (it'll be all you need).

Good luck!!!

Anyone who is looking for information about the fundamentals HESI, here's what I've come across. My practice test was a lot harder and longer (by about 35 questions) than the actual test itself. Also, if you are an LPN to RN transition student, review your med/surg if you haven't been in acute care for a while or your initial schooling was a long time ago. There are a lot of med surg questions. I only had a couple very simple math calculations (where practice had many, more in depth ones). A lot about patient safety, delegation, and cultural beliefs. It wasn't that bad.

Next week, I'm taking my second attempt from hesi to fundamental can recommend me some tips or websites that can help me take the exam.

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