Passed HESI A2 Exam! Sharing Tips

Here's how I passed the HESI A2 exam. I hope these tips help you to pass too... Nursing Students HESI HowTo


Passed HESI A2 Exam! Sharing Tips

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my results because everyone here is and was extremely helpful. Gotta pay it forward ya know.


88 - Grammar
88 - Vocab
88 - Reading
88 - Biology
76 - Anatomy and Physiology
92 - Math

No idea what's up with all the 88's!

Quick info: Looking to get into an ABSN program. I took the TEAS IV and the HESI recently. This is about the HESI. I am not good at math, very very average. I took anatomy 2 years ago. And my last English, grammar, vocab class was 8-10 years ago.

The HESI is 100X easier than the TEAS. I scored an 87 on the HESI A2 and 78 on the TEAS. I will be taking the TEAS again soon.

Because I took the TEAS first I studied a lot (technically) for the HESI. After my TEAS, I switched over to HESI Books. I was surprised to find much more general questions.

So I get it, I had a little unfair advantage taking the TEAS first but trust me, the HESI is nothing to sweat over.

Before we begin, watch HESI A2 Study Tips video...

How I Studied:

I went to Barnes and nobles and used every book they had and took the practice tests. Probably over 10 books. I bought one pocket prep TEAS app and used it a few times.

You're going to hate me for this - The only thing I studied for was Biology and A&P.

I was always weak in those fields as my scores reflected and it's been a few years since I've taken the courses. But...

You'll love me for this...

STEP 1:  Vocab

HESI A2 Words most of the words on the test are here. I could only think of maybe 3-5x I had no idea what the word was.

STEP 2:  Reading

Didn't study at all. They really didn't ask tough questions. What was the author's message? Which is his opinion? Which is his fact? What was the intent of the passage? Just take your time, read it carefully is my best advice.

STEP 3:  Grammar

I thought I did bad on this. But I did alright. How to use apostrophes, identify verbs, adverbs, adjectives. A lot of which word in this sentence is used incorrectly. Example: switching the words are and is. They try to use silly tricks sometimes like "He eight soups and salads." or " He was waiting for the bus". IT'S REALLY THAT SILLY. Know Their, There, and They're. Incorrect usage was plural were on there a lot too. (sends, send's, businesses' or business's). Read it over carefully and take your time.

STEP 4:  Math

Alright so I AM NOT good at math. I was mostly C's throughout school. This math actually is harder than the TEAS but its very very achievable. Know: Ratios 1:5:: _ : 50 (this was on there a lot) Know percentages. Know fractions (but don't be scared) EVERYTHING CAN BE DONE ON THE CALCULATOR. 1 1/4 - 1 1/5 = ( JUST PLUG IN THE FRACTION INTO THE CALCULATOR AND GET A DECIMAL AND DO IT THAT WAY ) once u get the answer, go down the list and plug those numbers into the calculator and see if you get the same answer. THAT'S MORE THAN HALF THE MATH SECTION. I think I only got a few wrong because I forgot how many pints are in a gallon. or converting millimeters to meters. KNOW THAT. Besides that I literally just gave you the solutions. also a few very simple word questions. Example: Stupid mom wants to give each child at a birthday party 15 balloons. Each package makes 50 balloons. How many packages does she need to buy to give all 20 kids balloons?

STEP 5:  Anatomy

My worst score. Know most of the bones. A lot of them are common, like clavicle, hyoid , femur. Where digestion starts (oral cavity) - Air exchanges? (alveoli) . I did not get a lot of heart questions. Know the 11 organ systems. Glands. (NOT IN DETAIL -BASIC) What controls sleep mood appetite (Serotonin) (know the hormones that are released by the organs.) Luckily I studied it for TEAS. Just all the basics. Wish I did better. (They asked me a really dumb question like "a girl showed up and her skin is changing colors and she's a vegetarian. What has she been eating? rice and eggs, spinach and beets. carrots and ? If someone knows this answer please share LOL )

STEP 6:  Biology

KNOW everything about the cells. Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic. Know which part does what. Golgi apparatus - packages and ships proteins. A lot of questions here. They didn't ask me about plants. No - Punitt Charts. Know basics of DNA AND RNA and The pairs. T-U DOES NOT GO TOGETHER. 1 or 2 questions about meiosis and mitosis you should know the steps. Know Osmosis and diffusion. Facilitated or not. Active and passive transport. once again JUST THE BASICS.

Hopefully me saying "just the basics" - 1. didn't make you mad at me 2. Emphasize that they don't go into to much detail. 3. GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE. YOU'LL BE OKAY!

If you pray, just pray about it, and pray for me that I get into an ABSN program (remember pay it forward LOL)

I'm not great at responding to questions but I will try.

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Thank you for the advice ! I am very worried about the math Portion

Don't be!! It's really not bad. Follow my advice. Also - I was accepted into Marymount absn and Waitlisted but then accepted to George washington U ! :)

Thank you for the advise will use

Just to update you guys,

I got into all 3 of my choices! John Hopkins masters of nursing, George Washington University ABSN and Marymount university ABSN

Thank you to everyone on these threads. PAY IT FORWARD!!

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I'm late but the girl had been eating carrots. I remember learning in A&P that eating a lot of carrots can turn your skin a slightly orange color.