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I just completed my HESI A2 exam for TMCC yesterday, and considering I used this board as a resource, I figured I would leave a review of sorts. Thank you to all of the previous users that helped me by posting advice!wave.gif.f76ccbc7287c56e63c3d7e6d800ab6c

All of my pre-requisite course work was completed at TMCC, so some of the review materials I used were books specific to courses taught there.


  • Elsevier HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review 4th Edition
  • McGraw Hill BIO 190 10th edition
    • I'm sure any version of a McGraw Hill Biology book will work!

I waited until I had completed all of my classes to take the exam, and while this worked out for me, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! TMCC has a strict policy of only allowing you to take the test one time in a 12 month period. In fall 2018 that will change and they will allow 2 tests in a year.

Since I only had one shot it put a lot of pressure on me to do well. :nailbiting:

Do yourself a favor and take the test earlier in case you end up needing to re-take for any reason!

The Elsevier book does a great job of outlining general information that you need to know, and honestly the only additional materials I needed to study were for the science sections.

I've seen a lot of recommendations to focus on the broad and general aspects of the sciences, and while that definitely helped, I don't think I would have done as well without the more in depth review.

I gave myself three weeks to study and although I could have put forth a better effort , my results were still great.

Scores: 96% Overall :smug:

  • 100%-Math
  • 92%-Reading Comprehension
  • 98%- Grammar
  • 98%-Vocabulary
  • 96%-Biology
  • 92%- Anatomy & Physiology

Watch HESI A2 Study Tips video...

Details for how many questions and types of questions:


  • 50 Questions
  • Military time, mixed fractions, ratios, metric conversions, simple algebra, word problems based on basic math functions (profit/loss, percentages), converting decimals to fractions, and temperature conversions.
  • Pretty much everything in the study guide!
  • The program has a calculator! It is terrible though. My 10 key did not translate, so I had to use my mouse to click every single button. Know how to work problems on paper so you only have to use the calculator to double check your answers.
  • Memorize a mnemonic for metric conversions. I used: King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk Monday. Look up a video, find something that works for you. Write it down on your scratch paper as soon as you sit down. You WILL have conversions, don't miss these easy points!


  • 50 Questions
  • Meaning/word use, conclusions, implications, understanding
  • This section was terrible. The readings were vague, boring, and honestly the implication questions were a little confusing. I didn't study for this section more than one quick review of the study guide. I am a strong reader, but definitely take time to review the question styles so you're not thrown off.


  • 50 Questions
  • Identify the adverb, direct object, predicate...etc.
  • I was incredibly worried about this section as I haven't broken down sentence structure in YEARS. Use the study guide, and watch some of the YouTube videos out there if you find yourself struggling to remember your elementary school grammar. The questions I had were luckily easier than the ones I studied, but don't expect them all to be easy.


  • 50 Questions
  • Use the study guide! And my quizlet.
  • I had only one word that wasn't from my study set on quizlet...and I only missed one question.
  • HESI A2 words Flashcards | Quizlet


  • 25 Questions (Not a lot of room for error!
  • The study guide was very vague, you will need to study a bit more in depth if you don't know/remember the details of things.
  • Properties of water, biological hierarchy, parts of a cell and their functions, meiosis, mitosis, glycoloysis, krebs cycle, electron transport chain, photosynthesis, facilitated diffusion, osmosis, active/passive transport, Microscopy (how to use a microscope), chromosomes, DNA replication, be familiar with proteins,lipids, carbs, and types of proteins and how they function (competitive inhibitors...etc), and basics of reproduction.


  • 25 Questions (Again...not a lot of room for error)
  • While this section is not currently used as a graded section for entry to TMCC's program, I have heard that they will be requiring a grade in future semesters. No semester has yet been specified. I reviewed my A&P class power points as I still wanted to do well on the section.
  • Basics of pretty much every system were touched on (Bones, tissues, muscles, nervous, urinary, reproductive, endocrine...etc)

The learning styles and personality profiles were simple and short. While not graded, we did have to take them. No stress at all on those ones.

When you sit to take the test you are given scratch paper, pencils and a log in code. When you first sit down and log in the test will not be available until the admin opens it up. You will have a list of all of the tests, and you can pick the order.

I started with math, then biology, grammar, reading, vocabulary, Anatomy, and finished up with the learning style and personality. You can either view your score right after you finish a section, or wait until the end. I waited until the end to see all of my scores, and they were available in my Elsevier account in less than 24 hours.

TMCC gives a total of 6 hours for all of these sections, and the cost is $50. There are no breaks!:brb: You are permitted to leave the room to use the bathroom, and you can have water and a small snack (noiseless) at your station. All personal items must be stored at the front of the classroom, phones off. You cannot wear headphones. There will be people possibly coming and going to talk to your proctor, and other test takers clicking and shuffling scratch paper. If you do not test well in this environment, you may consider reaching out ahead of time to see if alternative test environments can be made available.

I have always been a speedy test taker....we started at 8:50am and I was finished with everything by 10:45. I took my time and double checked all of my math questions, and then breezed through everything else. In hind sight, I could have taken my time on the reading and earned a higher score. I was restless though and just wanted to be done with stress!

Hopefully this helps someone as they work towards successfully completing the HESI! I've now applied for Spring 2018 at TMCC and just need to wait out the decision! My GPA for those curious is 3.87 overall, and 4.0 for pre-nursing math/science requirements. Out of the 8 possible points for admission I'm looking at 7.7! It's been a long road and I'm ready to get to work. :nurse:

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I just want to say that I used your advice and your links for helpful study guides. I got a 93.5%! Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Nursingk8! I'm so glad the post helped. Great job on your test!

This is so helpful, thank you!! I am applying for Fall 2018 at TMCC and will be taking the HESI soon. So just to be clear, the A&P section was not used in the calculation of your overall score? I keep reading that a score is required in each section except A&P but it is still included on the exam.

A while back there was a note on the website that the A&P portion would be a scored section for fall 18/spring 19 applicants, but I don't see that updated on the website.

It looks like it's still on the test, but not used to calculate entry. Pre-Admission Testing - Nursing Program - Truckee Meadows Community College

IF you want to be sure, you can always call the nursing office and ask if the A&P will be used in your overall score. She's really helpful!

Good luck on your tests and application! :geek:

Thanks again for your advice! I just got out of the HESI with a cumulative score of 96%. We got very similar scores in each category and I'm looking at 7.65 out of 8 points for my application. Looks like I'll be in the cohort behind you!!