Which one is harder: HESI or TEAS?

  1. I will be taking both of these exams (applying to multiple schools) in a year so I wanted to hear from anyone who has taken either of these exams. I would like to hear experiences studying for these exams, challenges, content of the exams, the level of difficulty and so on.

    I would very much appreciate anyone responding!!!
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  3. by   nursing96student
    For me, TEAS was much more difficult. I only studied for a week on the HESI and I scored a 88%. For the TEAS I studied for about 2-3 months and ranged in the mid 70s.
  4. by   Username invalid
    I've heard the same thing that nursing96student is saying. I also have another item to consider.

    I took the TEAS last year, as it was needed for a BSN program that I was considering. Around this time, I read up on the HESI test. I found out that it is only required by a few RN programs at community colleges around here -I feel this a strong indicator of the which test is harder. Then again, I never took the HESI.
  5. by   AMM_5
    I used the apps for both of those tests and it helped tremendously! They were 9.99 each, but for the HESI exam most of the questions I had gotten on the actual test was in the practice tests of the app and not in the study book.
  6. by   ayelah_ganda
    I have only taken the TEAS because it was required. I purchased the TEAS book and it helped
  7. by   Taboudrarte
    H please we can have the name of the apps ,thank u
  8. by   AMM_5
    Pocket prep HESI A2 and Pocket Prep TEAS.
  9. by   Taboudrarte
    Xthank u dear
  10. by   Jusbenson
    Please I will be taking Hesi and Teas cos I am going to be applying to multiple schools. If i take Hesi and Teas this year can I use them for application next year. In other words how long can you use these results. And If I finish my prereqs next year spring and apply afterwards can I get accepted in the fall?
  11. by   RainbowSprinkles
    Hi, every school has different requirements. The schools in my area states that the teas or hesi test results can last up to two years from taking it.