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  1. AMM_5

    New Grad Nurse to OR position???

    I have a year and a half to go until I graduate nursing school, but I have been thinking of where I would like to work once I graduate. I am VERY interested in the ER and especially the OR & PACU, but do they hire new grads for the OR? Is there any special programs I can take over the summer to better my chances? I am just daydreaming about it all now of course since my main focus is just making it through the program, but I would like to have an idea for the path I need to take to make this happen. Thank you!!
  2. AMM_5


    When I was doing my pre-reqs I was a stay at home mom with three kids. I took 2-4 depending on what classes they are. when taking A&P I took only one other class with it and chose an easier class. It is really important to get good grades in your pre-req classes, especially the science ones. Four was overwhelming at times and three was perfect.Nursing school is a heavy course load so if you do take four, it is going to prepare you for what is to come. I would do what you are comfortable with though.
  3. AMM_5

    ADN or BSN: What's the Big Deal?

    I was just recently accepted into a BSN and an ADN program.... so after reading this I am more confused than ever on which to choose?! In the BSN program I would start as a Junior since I have all of my pre-reqs completed.
  4. I was accepted into an Associates and a Bachelors program. It should be a no brainer that I choose the BSN program, but yet I find myself scared of that program. The workload seems so much heavier than the associates and I guess I am afraid of failing. I have all of my pre-reqs completed and I handled that work load just fine, so why am I so terrified?! I was so excited to get into the BSN program and could not wait to accept, but then all of a sudden I became fearful of choosing that one over the associates program. Any input on experiences would be great! Thanks
  5. AMM_5

    Did I do okay?

    I scored 85.14% on My HESI a few months ago and I received early admittance into the program I applied for. Granted it was not the score alone, I received points for other things that helped, but I was told that was a great score. I have heard that if you score under an 80, obviously depending on the school though, that you should retake it. I think your score is great and if your grades are good, you will get a spot. :) I have not met too many people who have scored in the 90s on the HESI. Good luck!
  6. Good to know, thank you!
  7. Thank you :)! Congrats to you as well! Your almost done! So exciting!
  8. Congrats and good luck! That sounds like a good schedule! Some long days but you have Thursday and Friday off.
  9. Thank you all! I did look on facebook and I cannot find any groups for my schools nursing program. I definitely plan on child care and after school programs for the kids, but was not sure if I needed it full time or not. Sounds like definite full time!
  10. Thank you so much for responding :). This helps a lot! I have 3 children so I am trying to get an idea of what my schedule will be like. On the HESI exam I had to take they had us answer questions to see what type of learning style we are and I am kinesthetic. That's awesome you can retain so much information! I definitely have to take notes! Thank you again!
  11. Hello, I start the nursing program this fall and I am curious what the schedule will be like. I know it varies from school to school, but I am sure they are pretty similar. I have completed all of my pre-reqs so it will purely be nursing classes. When did you start doing clinicals and what was that schedule like? How many hours a day did you spend on studying? Hopefully I will know my schedule soon. Thanks for the response :)
  12. AMM_5

    Nursing entrance Exams...Is it just me or?

    I was thinking the same thing!! That sounds like a great score! I am sure that you will get in! Most schools will take your higher score, so it may not hurt to re-take it, but it sounds like you did great! My overall was 70%. I scored in the 60s for reading and English and in the 70's for math and science. I am just so happy I applied for other schools that use different entrance exams. I took the HESI and did really well, I received early acceptance to that school.
  13. AMM_5

    Nursing entrance Exams...Is it just me or?

    I thought the reading was really tough! on the HESI I scored a 92 on reading but on the TEAS I failed reading?!?! I scored a 68 on that part and I consider myself a good reader and have never struggled with reading comprehension. Obviously I wasn't doing something right though.
  14. Hello, I was accepted into the CMCC nursing program last week and I am so excited!!!!! I wish we did not have to wait so long to start! I would really like to get in touch with other students to share my excitement with!
  15. AMM_5

    Which one is harder: HESI or TEAS?

    Pocket prep HESI A2 and Pocket Prep TEAS.