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  1. How far is your commute to clinicals?

    10 miles & 15 minutes away, pop is between 300,000- 400,000. I would be appalled if my commute was over 30 minutes, and would rethink the school. Yech. Never want to live in a big city.
  2. Nursing, Hurricanes, and Floods.

    This is an interesting thread. Current events, history, you name it. Most importantly, it's Cardiac Dork's thread and terrible experience; he doesn't have to mention the whole world. Very few of us are going through this disaster, and Cardiac may wel...
  3. HIPAA/confidentiality during an Outbreak

    I misread the question and voted no. I meant yes, tell the patient. But I'm still in nursing school, too... woops!
  4. This is so crazy - Do I Need All These Books?

    I skipped to the end without reading through everything -- but I bought most of my nursing books off Craigslist from nursing students that just had graduated. It was like robbery, these ladies were happy to be paid 20, 30 bucks per book. All books en...
  5. Student in nursing program on medication

    Sorry to divert your question, but did you get your school's approval yet? My nursing school doesn't allow controlled substance in students' systems during clincals. Maybe you'd be OK if you get a doctors note saying that your medication won't effect...
  6. HESI vs. TEAS

    Hey, that looks pretty great to me! Good job!
  7. HESI vs. TEAS

    Well, Saturday is here so I wonder if this is worth much for you. & I only have anecdotal information, making it of even less value. However, in my area, all the colleges that have BSN programs require the TEAS, whereas the ADN programs in quiet ...
  8. Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    Everyone has been really helpful! Thank you! I'm staying put in the program until the end of the semester and I definitely won't switch to the ADN program. I talked to every one of my teachers and each one understands, though two were puzzled and to...
  9. Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    Sure. Of course. I want to learn the content in my classes, not just be smacked with information that I need more time work with. I've heard the analogy that learning in nursing school is like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant. Maybe I'll ...
  10. Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    One more teenie-weenie bit of loser whining -- the patho & pharma classes that are in my program are both higher level classes now than they would be back at the good old community college. This 4 year college that I'm at is accredited, has a fa...
  11. Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    Poop. Thanks guys. I needed a reality check, I guess.
  12. OK, so right now I have an 86% in foundations and an 87% in assessment, but my clinical class and patho are kicking my rear. I can't imagine two years of this. I miss my husband, my cat, my sleep, and I don't want to ruin my marriage (my LIFE) over t...
  13. Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    I. Love. This. Site. Thank you both.
  14. Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    Thanks! Iwill do what you say and use it as a learning experience. Prior to this, I felt that I knew enough about depression (and, therefor, somehow, all mental health issues) from my own past experiences & education. Boy. This really makes me...
  15. Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    Argh. I can't edit for typos. Dang. Sorry guys.