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    How far is your commute to clinicals?

    10 miles & 15 minutes away, pop is between 300,000- 400,000. I would be appalled if my commute was over 30 minutes, and would rethink the school. Yech. Never want to live in a big city.
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    Nursing, Hurricanes, and Floods.

    This is an interesting thread. Current events, history, you name it. Most importantly, it's Cardiac Dork's thread and terrible experience; he doesn't have to mention the whole world. Very few of us are going through this disaster, and Cardiac may well be quite rested and not emotionally wound up. Cardiac, I hope all is going as smoothly and safely as it can, despite the rain storm still coming down. & I hope you keep updating us!!
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    HESI vs. TEAS

    Hey, that looks pretty great to me! Good job!
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    HESI vs. TEAS

    Well, Saturday is here so I wonder if this is worth much for you. & I only have anecdotal information, making it of even less value. However, in my area, all the colleges that have BSN programs require the TEAS, whereas the ADN programs in quiet farm-like towns nearby(ish) require the HESI. Based on this discovery, my personal assumption is that the TEAS is the "real deal," as far as toughness goes. Again, this is just my assumption. I never did end up taking the HESI so I can't be certain. If you're scoring that well on your practice exams, that's awesome! How'd the HESI go for you? I hope you did well!
  5. OK, so right now I have an 86% in foundations and an 87% in assessment, but my clinical class and patho are kicking my rear. I can't imagine two years of this. I miss my husband, my cat, my sleep, and I don't want to ruin my marriage (my LIFE) over two years of this. I'm getting 4-5 hours of sleep at night and no longer retaining information. Has anyone jumped out of a BSN program to go ADN successfully? The particular ADN program I want accepted me last fall, but I turned them down to go for the BSN program because all of my prereqs for the BSN program were done & I had my associates degree. My plan, if I do this, would be to bridge to BSN later on. It've done all the incidental classes for the ADN program, so my work load with be significantly reduced each semester. (Ex: 9 credit hours ADN vs 16 BSN, pretty much all 4 semesters through). I'm sure many might think that I'm "being a baby." That's fine. I'm a slow learner and I'm no ashamed. I realize, too, that many ADN programs are soul crushingly tough, also. Any thoughts? Encouragement? Tough advice?
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    Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    Sure. Of course. I want to learn the content in my classes, not just be smacked with information that I need more time work with. I've heard the analogy that learning in nursing school is like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant. Maybe I'll take an extra semester to do pharmacology & a research class on their own. I can extend my program by 2 extra semesters, so that option looks promising to me. I haven't made my mind up. All the same, I appreciate the input.
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    Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    One more teenie-weenie bit of loser whining -- the patho & pharma classes that are in my program are both higher level classes now than they would be back at the good old community college. This 4 year college that I'm at is accredited, has a fantastic NCLEX pass rate, isn't easy to get into, and has stellar reputation. However, they DO make all students take take 6 credits of garbage classes (not related to nursing what-so-ever) in the summer time. Doubt anyone will cut me any slack though. Nursing school bites! (Not that I expect a whole lot of sympathy, as most of you seem to have made it out alive).
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    Anyone drop their BSN program for an ADN program?

    Poop. Thanks guys. I needed a reality check, I guess.
  9. SUMMARY SO YOU CAN SKIP THE READING: Severe, recent Chantix side effects have made me lose my ability to be happy and motivated. I'm irrationally fearful all the time. I'm just ranting, I don't need support. Hopefully this post encourages someone to take a different path. (OR DON'T EVER START SMOKING!) I have zero time to be posting on here with the volume of schoolwork I have to do, but I'm going for it anyhow. Talking about my recent experience counts as self-care time, I think. In the last 3 months, I have quit smoking on Chantix. Hooray! Right? Ehhh... I've recently been dealing with the dark, bad side effects it can sometimes have: anxiety, random terror, panic, vomiting, chills, unable to sleep, not being hungry, not eating. - In a way, I want to blame this on being creeped out on orientation day. They totally hit us hard with failure rates, reasons to be kicked out, and the whole reality-check run down. What's so frustrating is that I expected this on orientation day. --AND, I was doing mostly well (mentally) on Chantix before that day (though my husband disagrees). The day after orientation, I had a full blown panic attack. My thinking was completely irrational. Something is wrong with my brain, now. It's not the stress of nursing school in itself. I'm going through some sort of chemical crisis. Sometimes, it feels like a horror movie. I become totally out of control and... hunted, I guess. It's like dark force takes over and fears I've never thought much about become true somehow. My doc pulled me off Chantix immediately. Currently waiting for lab results for my serotonin (& a few other happy chemical) levels. Dr. suspects some interference due to the Chantix. . Nursing school is its own ball of trauma, but coupled with losing my mind? Ouch. It just feels so raw. I was so proud of my hard work, and now I feel ashamed. It feels terrible to have been so well adjusted & prepared for nursing school, and then nosedive into this mental/emotional-chemical crisis. I've got no one to blame but myself. I get that. I knew the risks of smoking & of Chantix. Maybe some of this is nicotine withdrawal, not Chantix (stopped 3 weeks ago, smoking 4 weeks ago). However, I really have no desire to smoke. The smell is disgusting to me now. I just want to be myself again: not this fearful, moody, crazy person. I miss myself, and & I'm humiliated (even though only my doctor and husband know - I crazy people give off vibes. They just DO). Not sure what replies I'm looking for here, if any. Just sharing my experience these first few weeks. Maybe my main idea here is... don't smoke, and if you do, stop smoking on your own LONG before you enter a rigorous nursing program. It was humiliating to call my doctor and tell him I was "terrified and desperately need help IMMEDIATELY." I would imagine many people lose their minds a few times in their life. This experience has been jarring. There are very few things more terrifying to me than losing trust in myself. I just want to feel normal again. Regardless, I'm going to get through this. If I'm a robot on anxiety meds for awhile; fine. But I might need counseling. I just don't have the ****amn time! I'm scared this might like forever. Ugh. Thanks for reading! I'm just bitting my nails and hoping that my brain will chemically rebalance itself.
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    Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    I. Love. This. Site. Thank you both.
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    Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    Thanks! Iwill do what you say and use it as a learning experience. Prior to this, I felt that I knew enough about depression (and, therefor, somehow, all mental health issues) from my own past experiences & education. Boy. This really makes me hurt for others - & want to learn more. I'm trying to stay cognizant of any mood swings, but (I think) I'm slowly improving. Instead of fearing my workload, I'm really digging the education (and the purpose)! Good sleep makes a hell of a difference.
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    Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    Argh. I can't edit for typos. Dang. Sorry guys.
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    Dosage calculation Help!

    Thank you KatieMI for working these out. I'm also in nursing school & have been going through my dosage calculation textbook and practicing. My book has me studying formulas, but Katie's logical process method is easier for me. It's the lack of exposure to this stuff that makes me doubt myself and get confused. If I have questions, I'll be showing my work! Or going to a tutor if it gets bad...
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    Anyone Else Having Nursing School Orientation This Week?

    Jumping in a bit late. I had orientation on Friday & classes start Tuesday. In November, we were told to study a dosage calculation book front-to-back and know it before we start the program. There's plenty of terms and abbreviations (100+) in it that week need to know, too. Taking a 200 level Patho (I wasn't able to do it earlier without losing a semester), Assessment, Foundations, & Interventions. The nervous puke feeling is strong. It's a BSN program that ends in 4 semesters, so December 2018.
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    Criminal Background and Becoming a Nurse

    Yeah, this is a question that you need real answers to. Just guessing it could seriously harm you. I recommend that you don't pay the school a penny until you resolve your issue with the board.
  16. I applied to 3. 1 rejected me (ADN) and 2 selected me (ADN, BSN). Rejection was due to incomplete prereqs, btw! I wonder if these answers would be more helpful if more details were included, such as: the colleges' state or region, if colleges are private vs public, the students' GPAs and health experiences, etc. "Competitive," where I live, means you probably shouldn't apply to any BSN programs if you have less than a 3.5. Not bad.
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    Help!!!I don't know what to do next

    I'm mainly jumping in to say I'm sorry to OP. I know lots of people with heavy student loans. At least you're not alone, I guess? I've seen a post on here from a guy with a bachelor's degree in one area who went back for a master's (yeah, a master's) in nursing without any prior nursing background; so I suppose it doesn't necessarily close the door if you switch degrees. Or, you can go for a bachelors degree in something with similar prereqs like sonography, perfusion, or OTA. On a somewhat related note, I considered a bachelor's in health science, instead of a BSN, for a little bit. Hearing nurses grumble about the economic focus in healthcare (and their spot in the pecking order) gave me some pause back when I was weighing a BSN against everything else. BUT, my point is, you can still graduate with a very respectable health degree that utilizes the work you've already done. I say: research, be flexible, and don't fear planning your next educational-steps creatively. Life happens! But use what you've got :)
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    Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    That's great news! Thanks for keeping this updated!
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    Spring 2017 Chat

    So many people taking both Micro and A&P in the same semester! Good for you guys!
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    Did I get in based on a quota?

    I think I get why you're asking. Knowing the answer helps paint a picture about the culture/values/priorities of the college. I'm not sure how to find out, beyond looking in your student handbook- but I'd want to know, too. It's interesting, and just feels like something that shouldn't be hidden from students.
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    Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    You've received some good advice. First, I don't understand why you're willing to wait on a teacher who has already failed to help you. Second, what if this "someone in admissions" is wrong? You think they'll stick their neck out later to save your GPA? I think you should look at your student handbook and find the procedure for disputing your grade. Start that process immediately. The more time that passes, the harder it will be to defend yourself. The teacher still looks bad here, but if you keep sitting on this, you could end up looking far worse (think: lazy, c-student, troublemaker, liar, whiner, etc). Your handbook should even address what happens if the teacher dies during a situation like yours! BTW, you may wanna keep copies of those final assignments, if possible, just to cover yourself. Good luck, whatever you do.
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    Aged Care Duty of care question

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    Aged Care Duty of care question

    Uuuh... does anyone know if there are federal whistle blowing policies that cover her in this event? My knee jerk reaction is to say, "Call law enforcement (and later, even the local news!)" But then again, HIPPA.... It feels like just going along with the employer's resolution is criminal. Yuck. I'm sorry I don't have any answers.
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    HELP! BS degree, trouble with accelerated BSN programs

    There are just too many schools that don't require TEAs, so it's impossible to answer your question directly. Here's how to find out what you need, though: whatever school that you are interested in applying to will have a website. From its website, find their BSN program, and then find the application process for it. The application process page is where your TEAS issue is addressed. Some schools take a HESI test instead of TEAS (though I think only ADN schools). But since some schools need neither test, where you go all comes down to your research - not your desperation. You get to pick who you're going to pay, so you have to option to skip applying for schools that need that test.
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    Whatever happened to going to school to be a nurse?

    In reply to the original question: The economy. I don't see much benefit in working hard for a "normal" position, due to the poor working conditions I've read about on this site. I'll put in my ICU time, but forget stopping with my BSN. It's hard for me to come to any other practical conclusion.

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