How hard is the Hesi admission assessment test?

  1. I am going to be taking the Hesi in two months and want to make sure I am prepared. I bought the study guide and did well on all of the practice tests. The only thing I'm wondering about is the chemistry section. Do I have to take it or is for some other degree (im trying to get into nursing program at my school) What kinds of things do you have to know not in the study guide?
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  3. by   bananimal
    Call your school and ask them if they require the chemistry portion. My school did not require it, so I did not take it. Keep in mind though, if they don't require it and you don't take it-- you won't be able to use your score if you decide later to apply to a school that requires chemistry.

    I used the study guide, and I passed, and I got into my nursing program.

    If you know your stuff-- it's super easy. If you don't, it's obviously difficult.
  4. by   guiltysins
    I heard it was pretty simple but that might be because my school doesn't require any of the science portions so it's basically just english and math. What school do you go to, they usually say which portions they are planning to count.
  5. by   AHinch1988
    As long as you know math, you should be fine. When I was searching around for LVN schools in Southern CA (San Bernardino County), I went to West Coast University and took the HESI to get into their LVN program. Unfortunately, I did not pass it because of my math and I also have a learning disability, so math seems to be my toughest subject no matter how much I study for it. But I found another school that only required me to take their entrance exam for their school and doesn't require taking the HESI to get accepted. This might only be for LVN programs though. I'm not sure why the school didn't require the HESI before getting accepted, but since I was accepted into the school, I was told I will be taking a HESI test along with the other students in my class at the end of each term, lol. So I need to study for math.
  6. by   sfinn
    It was fairly easy, except for the sciences. If like me you have never taken A&P but that section is requried on the test, studddy. I still did decent but I guessed on a lot of it because I never took an anatomy class.
  7. by   mom35
    It was not bad at all. When I took it, I had only had two months of API and I made high 90's on all sections and 92 as an average for every section. The math is simple, it is like the math in the study guides. DNA replication, translation, transcription questions for AP, things like that. It is best to have a little of AP I class before taking the test. Good Luck to you!!
  8. by   awd1315
    i attend itt tech switching from it to nursing & in order for me to enter the nursing program i must pass the hesi, if i don't i have one "1" more try to pass it & if i don't i must wait a full year before i can re-take it. with this in mind, tomorrow i will be taking this exam with no education on a&p & chemistry except for this review book which was $25.00
    this is very discouraging because i really want to be a nurse & always have but got suckered into doing the it program instead b/c that is what i do at work which i hate it!
    so i guess since i was never taught a&p nor chemistry the answers should just come to me from the sky correct? this is b/s that i have to take this!!!!! at least physics isn't on our hesi thank god!!!
  9. by   szgg07
    Cool physics and computers lol Good luck!
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