HESI Exit exam, are scores really predictable of passing NCLEX?

  1. I'm on a roll today! loL!

    Anyways, My school had us do HESI exams during every semester and then one big exit exam at the end. They say if you score higher than 850 on HESI you have a good chance of passing the NCLEX. I always did really well on the HESI's and on my exit exam I made a 1140....great. But I'm wondering if it really is a good predictor of passing the NCLEX. I have NCLEX in 2 weeks and am starting to get really nervous.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Predictor tests are known to be misleading. It can go both ways for people. You should rely upon your own judgement about how ready you are. But with the score you report, sure looks like you know your stuff.
  4. by   MyUserName,RN
    But, you know, every time I took the HESI I always felt like I was guessing and didn't do well. Everything was always so broad and vague...It didn't seem to matter how or what you studied, you never knew what you were gonna get on the HESI. I wonder if NCLEX is the same way?
  5. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    study nclex and hesi are two different test...you need to study for nclex with nclex material. I used saunders/ hurt review passed on the first try. That exit hesi has nothing really to do with nclex format of questions are even different you need to check the nclex website to see the change in format for 2011.
  6. by   Equestrian
    We have to take the HESI every semester. We have heard that if you can pass the HESI then you can definitely pass the N-CLEX.
  7. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    HUMMM I HAVE KNOWN PEOPLE TO PASS THE HESI AND FAIL THE NCLEX....HESI AND NCLEX ARE TWO DIFFERENT TEST. I think many places use the hesi to make money...I know alot of school you cant graduate if you don't pass the exit hesi... NURSING SCHOOLS ARE GETTING HARDER AND HARDER. SO DON'T PLACE ALL YOUR HOPES IN THE HESI....AS BEING WHAT YOU WILL DO ON THE NCLEX. Study up.
  8. by   Equestrian
    I agree. We have to pass the exit HESI too. Study equally hard for both. Nursing school is no joke. I'm about to have a stroke!
  9. by   MyUserName,RN
    Quote from Equestrian
    I agree. We have to pass the exit HESI too. Study equally hard for both. Nursing school is no joke. I'm about to have a stroke!
    Lol, nice rhyme!!

    Well, I studied for about two weeks on my days off of work. Watched the hurst videos and practiced questions. Took the NCLEX yesterday, 75 questions and according to PV trick, I passed, got the good pop up!! Waiting on official results though!

    Now I can certainly say that HESI and NCLEX are different...especially being on NCLEX almost half of my q's were SATA!! Hate those! But both tests were so vague, with HESI, there seemed to be more knowledge based questions. NCLEX was much different than I expected. The questions were put so simply, yet the answer options were so similar that you never felt like you "knew" the answer. Taking it, I thought there was no way I was passing. Drugs I had never even heard of...just crazy!
  10. by   Equestrian
    Congrats on passing the N-CLEX. I graduate in December and take it in Jan. Good luck finding a job too!
  11. by   NursingStudentYaya

    I know this is an old post.. but.. I am wondering too about what you said. I passed my HESI exit, and though I know it has nothing to do with the NCLEX, my school instructors just stressed that the best way to study for the HESI was to study with the NCLEX materials.. And that was what I did.

    To study for the NCLEX, did you just use the Saunder's nclex book? And do the questions?
  12. by   Samma
    My school requires you get over a 900 on HESI to be allowed to take NCLEX. Like you we take HESI every semester and I had an almost 1100 average before the exit HESI. I got close to 1000 on the exit HESI and passed NCLEX on the first try with 75 q's. NCLEX was a lot harder, but the format is similar which I think helps. All my classmates but one has passed their NCLEX so far
  13. by   Nikki_BSN
    Currently, the school I attended requires we pass with a 900. Last semester, the requirement was 850. No one failed the NCLEX and my school has an NCLEX first attempt pass rate of 98% for the year of 2013.
  14. by   shakitcat
    can anyone give me information about their required exit hesi score
    i know not all schools are the same

    my school is 850 nmsu