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  1. They locked up all the masks

    Anyone else’s hospital locked up ALL the masks? They are asking us to REMOVE our own masks if we want to wear them in the units while not in the patient’s rooms. They are isolating the suspected patients in the same areas with the infected patients a...
  2. What I learned this week (7/11/15)

    I learned that you could push Kayexelate through a foley catheter into someone's rectum during CPR. 😳
  3. First Year Out...Oh &%#@.

    Yes maam. I am a new grad. It sounds like you work at my hospital!
  4. You had human corpses to practice on! Way cool!!! & We didn't stick each other. We stuck a fake piece of skin. ^ Pretty much only difference from my nursing school experience. Oh yeah, and we used computers to chart.
  5. Good Reputation? -OR- More Money??

    Thanks for the response. I wouldn't have anything holding me back if it wasn't for my nursing school friend that got me the job.
  6. Good Reputation? -OR- More Money??

    I need opinions. I am a new RN grad. I take boards in 2 weeks. I have a job as a Nurse Extern at a hospital 15 min. from my home. My responsibilities are that of a CNA, and I am more prepared for nursing. One of my good "nursing school buddies" got m...
  7. What is going on!?

    I just realized that there was A LOT of things that I left out of my original post. My day involved much more than just documentation and a monotone tech. Oh well.....I have to go back in in the a.m., and I'm scared to death. Plus I feel like a crazy...
  8. What is going on!?

    Thanks so much for your advice. I do feel bad for judging the tech training me because she gets her job done and has time to relax throughout the day. I am still very new to working in a hospital. I guess my main problem is I'm just disappointed. I w...
  9. What is going on!?

    I don't know where to start. Let's juat say I feel completely lost. I am going to graduate with my Associates degree in nursing in 5 weeks. I just took a job as a nurse extern on a busy Med/Surg floor. "It's what I wanted!! It's such a great opportu...
  10. Working with student nurses

    I am a student, and I love all aspects of nursing. I love dealing with all types of situations. I love learning. I also love the nurse, that on my first day of clinicals EVER, asked me "If I would wipe her butt for her since I would be up it all day ...
  11. Should I bother going through all of this hassle for a job?

    :uhoh21: How are things going? Did you get anything worked out yet?
  12. Should I bother going through all of this hassle for a job?

    :grn:I am in the exact same situation as you! I just left (literally 2 hours ago) one of the days of orientation for the Extern position I just landed. Talk about the stress I feel right now. I have an exam tomorrow, and I am going to show up late to...
  13. Any Nurse Techs in RN nursing programs?

    I am in my last semester of school for my RN. I have orientation on Monday for a Nurse Extern position on a surgical floor. I won't be getting my license until March so I am excited about working. I wanted to do Med/Surg first so it is perfect for me...
  14. Watches for Nursing

    LL Bean. LOVE
  15. Best Solid Scrub Brand and where to buy long sleeve t's

    Wink scrubs are wonderful. They have lots of pockets! And..... They sell long sleeve tees to match them on their site.