Hesi exit 4 weeks from today, but I have a ?

  1. I've seen many people say they have to get a 800 or 850 to pass but we were just told today that we need a 680 and an 850 is a perfect score. Does this change from school to school? I tried to ask, but I couldn't get a straight answer.
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  3. by   my3suns
    Yes it can change from school to school. We just took the HESI and the lowest they wanted us to score is 850.
  4. by   melizerd
    Here we have to take an exit HESI after first and fourth semester and our score target is 900. We get 10 points for our clinical if we do that, we were told that's a pretty average score. So it must vary.
  5. by   Pneumothorax
    When we did the A2 we needed an 850. Class average was a 765 lolol. Looks like there's a few of us who need to brush up(including myself) for the exit. Which I need an 850 for. It also counts as 10% of my final grade =[
  6. by   RheRhe88
    I havent taken the exit hesi yet, but it does NOT count toward our final grade. we have to pass it to sit for the nclex pn though.
  7. by   Sturmgeist
    What your school requires will vary from other schools. However, HESI is not controlled by the school. So unless there is a specific test out there for HESI where the top score is 850, all the HESI tests I have taken usually state that 850 is the average that you want and the top range can be from 1000 to 1500 (depending on the difficulty of the questions you are asked and get correct).
    Good luck.
  8. by   MrsV
    I ended up passing with a 940! 680 was passing (80%).
  9. by   melizerd
    I ended up with 1106 on mine this semester!
  10. by   crazytonurse
    Quote from MrsV
    I ended up passing with a 940! 680 was passing (80%).
    680 was passing? wow!
  11. by   MrsV
    Quote from wifemotherstudent

    680 was passing? wow!
    Yes, and there are still 2 that can't pass it. I thought the actual NCLEX was harder than the hesi!
  12. by   sil2012
    hi, can you tell me more about the exit exam?....is it like taking a NCLEX EXAM?..THANK YOU
  13. by   SL2014
    At Chamberlain Phoenix, we also needed an 850 to pass.