HESI Every SINGLE Semester?

  1. So my school makes us take the HESI at the end of every single semester. If we make a 950 we don't have to take our final. I have yet to take one, ever, except for the entrance one and that one had NO nursing on it, and I don't know what happens if we make less than the passing score on the HESI. I heard we have to repeat both Freshman semesters, As I have already repeated the first freshman semester, I am really nervous about this dang test, I'm not even sure how to study for it on top of clinical, tests, and all the studying I already do for nursing school. Is there some type of book or something?????
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  3. by   starz_girl_1
    Good question. I am actually trying to find out what that answer is as well. We have to take it at the end of every semester, we get graded and points attached to it. I am in the dark and nervous..... Will this HESI test us on each semester of nursing school, and complie as we continue OR is this HESI based on the end product of nursing school.........
  4. by   CaptScrubs13
    HESI scores and results are probably dependent on your school's policies. At my 4-year BSN program, we take the HESI beginning our sophomore year (after 2 semesters of nursing courses) and each subsequent semester (Fundamentals, Peds, OB, Psych, Community, Med Surg & Comprehensive). For all except the comprehensive exam, we were supposed to achieve an 850. If we did not, we were required to do some sort of remediation before the next semester (usually just a whole lot of practice questions in that area). This is my last semester, and we were told we MUST achieve an 850 to pass... but they haven't really given us too many details about re-takes, remediation plans, etc. Luckily I passed my exit exam so I'm not really concerned. They also count our conversion scores (the percentages calculated by HESI) into our final grade. Normally they are only 5-10% of the total; but last semester it is 15%!

    I'd look at your nursing handbook if you have one, or try to speak with a director of your program to find out how the HESI works at your school!

    There are HESI-specific books, but really any practice questions will prepare you for the test.
  5. by   EarthhAngel2013
    So NCLEX books would help???? I try to study NCLEX before every test but the last 3 just haven't been possible....
  6. by   CaptScrubs13
    Yes, the HESI questions are just the same as nclex questions - any practice book with multiple choice, select all that apply and the picture questions (place an X where you would find blah blah blah) are all things you will see on HESI. We even had one that was audio- listen to the lung sounds and classify.
  7. by   EarthhAngel2013
    Wow! Thank you sooo much! Now I feel a little more comfortable with it knowing that I have at least been trying to do all of that all along.
  8. by   macgirl
    The HESI tests we took were based on what we studied that semester. The exit one was cumulative. Mosbys HESI review book would be the most useful for questions. Saunders is best for a basic review of the information. (Maternity, ICP, and Cardiac)
  9. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from PCTtoRN
    So my school makes us take the HESI at the end of every single semester. If we make a 950 we don't have to take our final.
    We took the HESI every semester in our ADN program, but it was counted as a 10-point quiz and certainly didn't get us out of taking a final.

    My program used HESI, in my opinion, appropriately. It was a way for the program to compare how it was doing in relation to other ADN programs and gave a good outside benchmark on how students were doing and what changes might have to be made.

    I hated HESI exams because I did so poorly on the first couple I took - even though I was an A student otherwise. My scores were so abysmal, (666 on one) I actually went and talked to my instructor. She said, "More experienced (ie older) students tend to not do as well on these."

    Eventually I figured out how to take this type of exam and scored over 1000 on my final HESI.
  10. by   ScrappytheCoco
    Get the HESI Nclex book!! Our lecture tests come from HESI materials...I study from that book only. I usually just glance over my lecture textbooks. I make B's on lecture tests and have passed 4 of 4 HESIs so far. The book is a lifesaver! It has "HESI hints" that are specific to each test. Also, if your school uses HESI you should have an Evolve password. Log on and do the case studies and Nclex practice with HESI questions. It really helps! Promise!
  11. by   LovelyLPN2B
    Wow! That's tuff!! In my PN program we have to take an ATI exam. We took it to get in the program ( TEAS-V). They also were using it as a tool to judge where we are in the learning process. Since we are so busy trying to grasp, study and retain the regular curriculum... who really looked at the tool?!! A lot of money was spent on the ATI program!! We weren't using it. So... They tried to make it a pass/fail!! Every 6 or 12 weeks we have one according to the class! And we have finals in our all our classes. But, some PN students went to the board of nursing with our previouly signed student handbooks. And we won our no pass/fail decision. However it has been and will continue to be 20% of our grade each time we take an ATI exam. We do get these thick text books to study from. But it is still very hard!!! So I empathize with your situation!! Will say a prayer for you!! You will make it, and do well!!!
  12. by   tothepointeLVN
    The HESI isn't all that bad. Just study 100 NCLEX questions a day along with your regular studies and you should be fine.
  13. by   CassB
    At my school, we had to take a HESI exam for each class at the end of each semester. If we did not meet our school's passing score, we had to do some remedial work...which was never anything too daunting. I probably passed two of them out of all the classes. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on them...I graduated at the top of my class and passed the NCLEX on my first try. I found HESI to have incredibly random questions...and I definitely studied for the NCLEX a lot more. Unless your school counts your HESI score as part of your grade...I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it.
  14. by   pghnurse527
    We took a HESI after med surg 1 and 2, OB, peds, psych, and community. You had to score an 850 to get a bonus point, and we still had to take finals regardless.

    My last semester we had to take a different version of each specialty test AGAIN and had to score at least an 850 to pass the test. Each test was counted for points--you either got 20 points or 0 and you only had 1 chance. Then we had to take a comprehensive/practice NCLEX test. We had 2 chances to score 850 but you had to pass in order to graduate. So basically we had to pass the comprehensive and pass 3/5 specialty HESIs to graduate.