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  1. by   nursemi
    My beef with taking the Hesi exam is that their questions are absolutely out from the left field. No even close to the Nclex exam. Most of all my colleagues if they do not pass the Hesi exam at 87% after the second time they will need to repeat second year over again --- yes the entire second year. Can you believe the nightmare, if that doesn't get you I don't know what will. Our class did not even have the appropriate nursing instructors teach us, I mean one quit after three weeks of beginning semester the other one couldn't answer 80% of our questions and gave exams without lectures telling us we are adult learners and we should be self taught. Our school is a joke!! No wonder only 10% of our students pass.
  2. by   cwiberg
    I just took hesi it was horrible. I failed I got an 841 but the next exam is comming up so here I am studying again. The book and the cd did not help me at all, and the review which I took twice also was nothing like the test. When taking the test dont think that the cd answers are the right answers. With the drugs think bigger picture, and know about when to give muslims oral meds
  3. by   Diva Nurse Dani
    I passed!!!!!!

  4. by   BestSweetGal
    forget repeating the whold year over, try getting to the end of your sr. year, and required to get a 900 and failing 3 times, and you are not able to obtain your degree. You could start from scratch or be a LPN, so 4 years out the window. Crazy, right?
  5. by   chelli73
    Quote from nursemi
    Has anyone purchased the software? I was wondering if it worked for anyone in regards to passing Hesi and or Nclex.
    Let me know

    Since we were unsuccessful we were told we could not attend our graduation pinning ceremony. Alot of us have families flying in from out of state and this has been devastating, alongside with the job opportunities we had.

    I don't feel it is appropriate to take the Hesi exam based on the idea that if you don't pass it you cannot attend your graduation and cannot take the Ncelx exam nor even be hired as licensed pending RN. We sacrificied and worked extremely hard, and basically neglected our famillies for three years and we graduated. We should be able to take the state board now. It feels like we have to take two state boards with this Hesi exam. The Hesi exam is nothing like the NCLEX exam. I do over 200 nclex questions a day more on some days. The Hesi exam questions completely different from Nclex.and there software does not contain enough questions for you to practice on and I have already outdone the questions that it won't let me do anymore questions.
    So if there is anyone who can help us with this please let me know.
    i totally agree. and the same thing happened at our school. i want to tell you all my HESI story but it would take too long. lets just say i had a HISSY over HESI!!!!!!! but i needed an 870, i got a final score of 924. thank God.
  6. by   jc0252
    has anyone failed hesi and passed nclex on their first try??
  7. by   cardiacRN2006
    What was your score? Did you just barely fail HESI or bomb it?
  8. by   jc0252
    i got a 790
  9. by   jc0252
    i got a 790 but since thne i have taken two review classes and studied my head off
  10. by   Tbone3
    721,835,859. I need a 900 with only one more try.
  11. by   2stush4u
    We had to take the HESI to get our validation papers. The minimum score was a 900 ..luckily I got a 981, but I thought that some of the answers were really off the wall. I really didn't care for the HESI too much. It seems as if the HESI gives points for the question answered..the harder ones are more points than the easier ones. So you could be getting all of the easy ones right, and the some of the hard ones wrong..and that makes or breaks you. I think the way to pass the HESI is to answer the ques. the way how they want you odd man out and looking at certain "key" words. Go back over their instructions and remember answer by the text a LPN I would choose answers off of what I would do at work. In the textbook..LPNs are really at the bottom of the ladder..not allowed to assess etc. They said think of it as the perfect world..where the floor is staffed and the patients s/s are textbook. I really hope the NCLEX-RN is nothing like the HESI..7 of my classmates have passed so far and they say that it isn't. Hope this helps..Keep your spirits up..I know it is really stressful. Good luck:spin:
  12. by   littlejo
    Quote from jc0252
    has anyone failed hesi and passed nclex on their first try??
    YES!!! my daughter is an LPN in michigan -- bombed the hesi and breezed right thru the NCLeX! i took it today with a 995, while biting my nails to the 2nd nuckle... it's only a tool in our school, so my heart goes out to those who absolutely MUST do well... so i'm gonna grow up and be like my daughter, howboutit?
  13. by   LUVtxNursing
    Took HESI August 9, we had to make 800 or better, I made 964. It was a very weird test!