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Herniated Disc and & insurance ???

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Hi. Does anyone have experience with herniated disc? I have a cervical herniation at one level c5-c6 and I have postponed surgery for a couple years. I sometimes stuggle to perform my nursing job, but don't share any information with my employer because their policy is that the nurse must bring in a note after tx. with no restrictions in ability to perform their job or they can't return.

I would like to know if anyone has undergone surgery for cervical disk herniation and about the recovery process.

Also, how does one keep their insurance if one goes on a six week sick leave and is not getting a pay check. I was not injured at work. Just wear and tear of years of use (nursing) but no particular incident. I don't want to have surgery and loose insurance. What is workers comp. and would they cover a non work related injury.

The doc. tells me recovery from surgery would be six weeks and I could return to full time nursing without restriction. But I'm terrified of Surgery.


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I had an ACDF several years ago. I recovered without complication and returned to work (8 weeks is what my dr gave me).

I worked neuro years ago, where cervical discectomies/fusions were a dime a dozen - I don't remember any that didn't say they felt better after surgery even soon after they returned; they had incisional pain, but overall felt better :)

Insurance shouldn't be an issue with the preexisting condition clause that is supposed to be in effect, especially with group hospital at work.

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I had an anterior C5-6 diskectomy and fusion in 2001. I was back to work in 6 weeks but realistically it took about 4 months for me to get back to "normal". You should be able to use short term disability to make your bills. Insurance shouldn't be an issue as that will still be deducted from SDT. Workers comp will not cover you because this isn't really work-related.

brandy1017, ASN, RN

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Have you tried cervical traction with physical therapy. Traction might help. It helped me with a pinched nerve in my neck.

I had a triple cervical fusion with grafts in 2001. My insurance at the time paid for it but because it was an MVA and I sued the guy who hit me, when I received my settlement I had to reimburse my health insurance company for anything they paid for. It was a 6 week recovery with the neck brace and a walker. The graft site (left hip) hurt worse than the neck. Other than a little tingling sensation in my right thumb and forefinger, it had been so much better since surgery. Good luck to you. :smokin:

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Thanks to all who posted for the information provided. Were you able to return to nursing and lifting after surgery or did you have to take in a note stating weight restrictions to your employer? I believe my employer does not allow a nurse to return from sick leave with a weight lifting restriction.

i would ask someone who had been out on leave if they had to catch up paying their health insurance premiums. my work pays you vacation time till exhausted then they have extended sick time bank and then our state disability kicks in. also many hospitals have the disability insurance you can sign up for and its usually very minimal. ask the rep if theres a waiting period for claims.

They say 6 weeks but it is more like ten if your young and 35, you must walk daily, after that your good to go, you can get minimally invasive surgery, dicetomy, or laminectomy if needed. You may need surgery later on, and maybe not. Everyone is different.


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