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Hi...I am new to this site, and am majoring in Nursing. I came across this site a month or so back and all of you were so helpful. I have been told that I will have to have the Hep B series soon. I have tried looking for good information on this vaccine, but there is so much out there am not sure what is real or not. Are there a lot of side effects with this medicine? I know I have to start it soon, but kind of wanted to get some more information. I am glad to be a part of this group. lol I know from reading posts before that yall tell it like it is, lol I NEED that!

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I finished mine up in August and had no problems with it at all. Good luck and welcome to the board!!



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Run, not walk to get it. It is so safe that in PA it is mandated that it be given to new borns. As long as the babe is over 4 pounds it is given on the day of birth, at one month, and at 9 months. The most common side effect is pain at the site. I had mine as an adult and other than some muscle soreness I had no problems. BTW, you are 90 times more likely to be expessed to Hep B as you are to AIDS- and that's in the general population, not in the medical field. Don't mess with Hep B.

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I give hep b every day, all day long, among other vaccines. you can go to Merks website http://WWW.merckvaccine.com and check it out, or Aventis at http://WWW.vaccineshoppe.com, or my favorite http://WWW.immunize.org. Hope that helps.


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Good advice has been given to you. Best to get all your 3 Hep B vaccinations before you start clinical. ;-)

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For sure get it before clinicals...why take the chance? The worst thing I have heard is that some people get a slight fever...but most have no effects at all!


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Thank you all so much for your input. I shall start them on Monday.




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I have never heard of any reactions first hand. However some say it itches. DON'T scratch it. Aside from what has been posted this is the only other thing I have heard of.

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I overcame my phobia of being on the receiving end of a needle and am glad I did. My phobia of contracting HepB was greater. I had no adverse reactions from the shots.

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