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What is the cheapest route to go to obtain your Hep B vaccination?? At the county health dept it's $65. Or should I wait to get into nursing school to worry about it?? I figured I should get some things done now, while I have a little time. Is it any cheaper to have in done on campus??

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Wow! I always thought the county would be a lot cheaper. If your school does it, I'd definitely check into it. But it is a series of 3 shots so does the $65 cover all 3 shots or is it $65 for each shot. That could get pretty expensive.

I wouldn't wait til you start nursing school but that's just my opinion. If you have to go to clinical and haven't started your first shot they may not let you do clinicals so be sure to check with them.

I know all schools are different but I have my orientation for the fall in a couple of weeks and we are supposed to have our titers done, have started our hep b shots, and our physical out of the way. Maybe my school is pickier than most when it comes to that so be sure to check.

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The $65 covers the series of shots. I really don't want to wait, but $65 right now is expensive. Maybe I will break down and just pay it. :rolleyes:


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$65.00 for the whole series sound like a deal to me.

When I went to get my Hep B. vaccinations my doctors office was going to charge me $150.00 per shot. They suggested I go to the Health Dept. Turned out vaccinations were covered in my insurance plan so I didn't have to pay anything for them at my doctor's office.

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I think that sounds like a reasonable price as well.

The Hep B vax are actually optional for my school - but I'm getting them anyway (as soon as I wean my toddler) :o

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Thanks Guys!!

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Well if you are working in heath care most states require that the employer provide it free of charge. This goes for certain volunteers as well.


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Wow - I just called my local health dept and the shots are $10/ea - so I guess that'd be $30 for the series? :)

So does anybody know if I can take the hep B vax and still nurse my son? (I'm guessing no, but figured I'd ask here anyway - of course I'll ask my doc when I go for the physical.....)

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Actually $65 for the whole series isn't that bad. I paid $55 per shot. If you bite the bullet and do it now, there won't be as much for you to do later. Remember too that there is a lot to pay for when you are first starting (uniforms, physicals, titres, books, shoes, stethoscope, etc, etc, etc) All told I think I spent close to $700 prior to the first day of classes. When they quote the total cost for the program, they don't mention that there is a lot of cost up front to get started. My advice is that the money will only be a bigger issue later. If you do it now you may have to get the titer later, but the big cost will be out of the way

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$65 is cheap for the series. You could always get a job at a hospital, then the immunizations/vaccinations are free (usually). You can get it now...I believe after you've complete the series of shots, they are good for about 10 years.


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At our health dept. it is $65 per shot...


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$65 for the series is cheap, it is usually that much for each injection elsewhere. My school requires Hep B, luckily I worked for a Dr. for 7 years and he gave me mine for free. My advice, get it out of the way now because expenses are going to start hitting you even harder, not too mention it is a scary and easy disease to get when you are in healthcare.

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