hi guys i took nclex pn yesterday 9/2/14 and i had all 205 questions i came home did the pearson vue "trick" and it took me to the credit card page and charged my card the 200$ however my status never said "delivery successful" it said result are not available even today my pearson account does not show my new test purchased and my bank has it on peding for paying .. does this mean i failed my exam??// please help I'm going CRAZYYYYYYYYY OMG IDK WHY THIS EXAM MAKES PPL SO CRAZY LIKE NURSING SCHOOL AND TAKING THIS EXAM DIDNT MAKE U CRAZYY ENOUGH !!!!! HELPPP PLEASE!!

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It will never say delivery successful now it will only indicate "results available" if quick results are available in your state.

If you passed, you just donated $200 to Pearson Vue as it's non-refundable.

If you failed, you have already paid your NCLEX registration fee for the NCLEX and need to follow BoN policy for retesting.

The only accurate indicators of pass/fail are 1. Pay the $7.95 for quick results at 48 hours from Pearson if available in your state.

Or 2. Await notification from your board of nursing. Some states post license info quickly post NCLEX. Other states like CA BVNPT you need to wait for the pass/fail notification letter.


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Thank you for your response I am so nervous I don't even care if I donated $200 as long as I passed lol


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Thank you for your response I am so nervous I don't even care if I donated $200 as long as I passed lol

Pearson has gotta be loving this. And their shareholders....what a revenue spike this will be.

Their IT dept should get bonuses.



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I'm almost never speechless.




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I'm almost never speechless.



Giggling: ;()


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What? Lol


The new DSM should have a new category:

Instant Gratification Psychosis

Which shall be part of the title for my Master's thesis:

Instant Gratification Psychosis: Nature or Nurture? A Study of Millennial (Generation Y) Nursing Students


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Did you find out your results?!


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To jaynurse14 did you found out if you passed or not? I also took my exam the same date as you and I also got 205 questions. Been trying the PVT with a gift card with no balance but the site has been trying to charge me but ofcourse it's declined. I felt like I already failed because of that. But still I'm not losing hope that I passed eventhough the PVT says that.. I just want to know because we are on the same boat. Please reply..