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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I am just going through reading everyones posts. It seems like a lot of people have taken their boards more than once, but I haven't seen anyone taken them 5 times like myself. I am getting prepared to take them again and I am determined to pass and keep trying. Everytime I take them I get 85 questions and the comp shuts off, now I am terrified and fixated on the number 85. I know a lot of people get 85 questions but it seems like they all pass. I feel so stupid and like I am not smart enough, I have been doing practive quesitons everyday at least 50-100 quesitons. I am doing ok, but then sometimes my score will be 68%. I don't know how to feel, I just really want so bad to get through these boards and to be able to say that I am an LPN! I've been trying to memorize all these meds and math questions but I know you can't memorize everything. The last time I took the test I memorized all my lab values and I didn't have a single question on labs. Can someone just please let me know that I am not alone and not to give up.

You are going to concur this test! I have faith in ya!

But try not to just memorize the lab values. Instead, try to grasp the reasoning in why a lab value might be low or high. I took the nclex-rn on Friday and it needed more knowledge than just knowing lab values.

You're not stupid! I love how you haven't given up which shows determination. Good luck to you.

Hi Dear, you are not alone and please don't give up. I took the NCLEX RN 5 times and I still have faith in myself... next time will be my last one, because I will pass. Think possitive, and keep studying hard. Don't memorize, instead of that analize each question and understand the rational. I know next time you will pass, I also have faith in you. :hug:

dont give up cos u can do it!! u got thru nursing school and u will get thru NCLEX 2. having done the exam several times i think the strategy u r using is not working and needs to be changed. I will suggest u try may be a different set of review books. Also dont just try to memorize stuff, rather know the rationales behind the stuff u know. e.g know what happens when a lab value falls below or above the normal range and know what nursing action to take to handle the situation that arises. In my opinion the NCLEX does not test knowledge which I know u already have, but how u apply it to client needs and basic critical thinking skills. I used Saunders, REA's flashcards, Lippincott, Kaplan strategies 2010-11 n others. In my opinion Kaplan offered the best help by teaching me step by step how to critically analyse questions, reword n reread each question twice to be sure I am interpreting it correctly, eliminate wrong choices n narrow it down to d best choice. problem is its only got 145 questions, so I used the strategies learnt to answer tons of questions from other review books. on the real NCLEX i only saw may be 2 questions that looked like something i've seen b4, so dont just memorize, its no use, rather learn test answering strategies, that may be just all u need. so go for it , u can do it. goodluck and God blees u!!!

Thanks so much you guys for your words of encouragement, I feel like I can do this. I will never give up on it no matter how many times I have to take it. But hopefully this is the last time and my prayers will be answered.

Let me be the one to tell you do not give up. Some times god put obsticles in your way to make you see things the way he wants you too. I had to take the exam 6 times, i was in a very abusive relationship and had an abortion, sad to say, the five time i was trying to take boards and i never understood why i couldnt pass, never told any one about things i was going through. So the last day that i was beating i decided enough is enough only 24 at the time 30 now, i went home told my parents about the things that was going on and what i had done, i was so scarred to leave him but left that FOOL alone. This happen Janurary 05 march 05 i pass boards. So now i don't have all that going on but i have to retake my RN boards 2nd attempt tomorrow and i know that the first time i was not prepared at all just really wanted to see how the exam would be. So what i am saying just pray and trust god know that he is the author and the finisher, don't give up even when you think you just can't any more keep going.

Good luck this time around.

Just dont give up u will pull through this time. I am about to take the exam myself with the help of god i will pass it, keep the faith.

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