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I would really love to do travel nursing but i'm afraid I'll end up with a bad company or getting misled. I've looked into MANY travel companies. They all seem to have good offers......but that's b/c they're all marketing themselves. Anyone who has advice on which companies to consider and which companies not to consider, PLEASE help me.


PSR is a good agency with good benifets. They are a company that stands behind their nurses. Check out their website at http://www.psrnurses.com They don't give you a lot of hype. They stand on their reputation which is becoming more and more well known recently.

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Check out Delphi's site Travel Nurses and Therapist's. You can find info and pros and cons on just about every company from those who are working for or have worked for those companies. Sorry I don't know enough about the computer yet to put the link here the way most do.:)

i have worked with 3 companies. all offer about the same stuff..bennies and all that is. you have to be your own business person, and that comes with time. i highly recommend traveling, its a blast! small companies are more accomodating, but large companies have all the locations and more contracts. more q's? vigliotti70@hotmail.com

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I would really love to do travel nursing but i'm afraid I'll end up with a bad company or getting misled. I've looked into MANY travel companies. They all seem to have good offers......but that's b/c they're all marketing themselves. Anyone who has advice on which companies to consider and which companies not to consider, PLEASE help me.



Basically you just have to do like most of us did, unless we were lucky enough to have a friend who was happy with their agency, we signed on and learned as we went.

You are right, there are a miriad of companies out there. If you're a bit afraid of signing on for 3 month try one of the companies that offer 4 week assignments, these companies often pay more per hour, but you usually stay in an extended stay motel for the duration.

Go over tothe Travel nurse and therapists forum at Delphi.com and check out what people have to say over there, but remember that everyones experience differs, you'll probably hear good and bad about almost all companies.

What seems to be the best advice is find a recruiter that you feel comfortable with. Use your best sense, and go for it.

Good Luck and if you are looking for a list of companies go to my page at http://www.geocities.com/hobonurse/ and click on companies on the left hand side.:)


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when you work for a Travel agency the ideal way is to be recruited by a Nurse friend if possible. I was and it really has made all the difference. I was briefed as to what it all really is like and I have a resource person. Also, we share the same Recruiter which is so very nice.

When I got off of staff, I wanted to work within 2 weeks. My wonderful Agency got me hired, got my papers to the hospital with all lab work done required as well as my interview done with the Nurse Manager by phone.

Everyone here is giving great advice but if you try this way, it may help if you know of someone that you trust and has been in good standing with contracts that have been successfully completed.

I would like to say that every company has advantages over the next guy depending upon what it is you need.

For me, I want to work with a large company. I feel secure and feel that I can work easily anywhere I would want to go.

Also, I know many Travelers do work for more than one company. My attack is different. I work with only one company, one Recruiter. She takes care of what I need and with my contracts comes money and higher subsidy. I guess loyalty to a company does have a really sweet pay back in the form of $$$.

If you have no contact or think it would be to your advantage to do this on your own, you will have to ask for about 6 or more companies to send their paperwork. I feel that you should be aware of tax implications and insurances as part of your salary. Then, look at salary. You also have to think of what it is you want to do.

Short term contracts are generally without insurances. Long term contracts have insurance benefits. Do you want to carry your own insurance? Then it would be okay to work a couple of diferent agencies if that is your ideal way to do things.

Ask questions and do it in this forum. I know everyone here would like to help you.


Some advice I give to people in your situation.

Interview the facility. Dont be afraid to ask questions about what their expectations of your work is going to be. Obviously you need to professionally and respectfully word your questions to a potential facility but don't forget your skills are in demand. Also when it come to houing make sure you know exactally where you are being housed before you sign. Most reputable complexes will have online virtual tours etc.

I am on my first travel assignment and love it. I went with cross country and they took care of everything. The only thing i had to do was pack my car and unload it when i got to the beautiful apt. they got for me. I am in Charleston,SC. I am getting ready to take another assignment wth another hospital and again all I have to do is pack the car. I recomend it to any nurse that loves change and not to be part of a units politics!


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carehope..... who are you with? (company, and how long?)

me :)

PRN is a good agency to travel with. They are owned and operated by two RN's that understand what you are going through. Go to their website at http://www.prntravelnurse.com



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Dear Daisyat,

You have received some very excellent advice! :) I have been traveling for 10yrs now, and was with the same company for 5yrs until they were brought out by another company. I changed companies several times, working with mostly big national agencies.

Two years ago I found a new, small company...and I love being with them. Check out http://www.travelcareunlimited.com. and see what you think. If you're still interested give Beth Price a call @ 800 284-0429..., you don't even have tell her who sent you. I just hope whatever you do...that you remember all the great advice you have received from the traveling nurses here. The best I advice I have read ...is to ask questions, ask questions, ask questions.

Now here is something else you need to know if you're serious about traveling. If they're offering big bucks, and big bonues...don't be too eager to take the offer right off the bat, or ANY offer. Ask someone about the hospital or facility! Again...everyone will have their own take on this or that hospital......but it's better to go in with eyes wide open. And even though someone may have liked or disliked a particular hospital/facility....it also depends on what area/unit in the hospital/facility you work on. Even the best hospital can have some poory managed units. Like finding any job...find out as much as possible about the hospital, the town, city,...housing...and crime stats in that area. Too many travelers have went in with their eyes closed ....just listening to recruiters...and were soon crying,...and wishing they had asked more questions! Before hanging up from the interview...don't commit unless you're totally sure! Ask them what time frame do you have to get back to them. LAST...but not least....GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!! I DO mean EVERYTHING! Shift, Pay, OT, Floating, Benefits,Housing, License/travel/CEU reimbursement, rental car, Bonus, what happens it you get sick, you miss a shift, you're contract is cancelled, requirements for contract, payment of utilities and any tests required to pass for the hospital. Just about anything you are told by the agency/hospital!!! Take nothing for granted, and READ everything you sign! Forgive me for saying the last part...but you will find out, that this isn't always done by a lot of new travelers.

Also...talk with other travelers with that agency, and others..who are at the same hospital...how things are going for them. If possible ask what the pay is. I know of many travelers who find out after they arrived...they're making several dollars less than another traveler working the same unit. One poor traveler found out her first day on the unit...she was making $9.00/hr LESS!!!:eek:

Even with all the warning above....I believe if you're confident in your skills, flexible, love meeting new people, thrive on variety...

and can hit the floor running...you will love traveling! I hope I didn't scare you off..:)

Best wishes to you with whatever agency you choose! :cool:

If you are interested in going overseas, I can tell you how to get a job in Ireland without going through an agency. I don't know if Ireland is using any American Nursing Agencies but they will hire

you directly. lpatterson5@triad.rr.com

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