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OR Nurse-Level 1 Trauma-Nursing found me and I've been trying to escape for 26yrs.LOL

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    Do you feel that you have answers for problems you encounter on the job and upper management doesn't listen? Do you want to work smart and not hard? Have you heard of Benchmarking and Best Practice? How many of you would like to see a Nursing Journal dedicated to Benchmarking issues? This forum would give a voice to the nurses in the trenches and help nurses all over the world join together in problem-solving. What types of issues would you be interested in seeing in this journal? Does anyone have a written testimony of benchmarking you would be willing to share in the initial publication? For example, some hospitals have an incentive program by which the employee who makes a money saving suggestion they are awarded a percentage of one year's profit from that improvement. Other improvements offered and instituted are seen as "Value Added" and compensated with raise. Thank-you in advance for your input!