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I took my NCLEX yesterday and I failed it!!! Any suggestion on study help would be greatly appreciated. My classmates that took the Hurst review said that it did not help them at therefore I did not take it. I will take any suggestions that I can get. I am feeling really down and stupid right now!!!


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Sorry about ur test! I used Saunders Q&A and 4000 and ncsbn review. All 3 of these were great but since taking nclex-rn and passing - I would use ncsbn. I took a 3 wk 24 online access for $49. They also offer 5 and 8 wks. I feel it was also most like boards. I dont know if u are retaking pn or rn but ncsbn offers both reviews. Good luck and best wishes!


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I mostly focused on the Saunders Comprehensive review book. I also got the Kaplan NCLEX-RN strategies book. I did the NCSBN too but didn't find it helpful at all...I thought it was way too easy. Good luck!


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I am sorry to hear that you failed.. :( It's a hard test. I failed this test too. Do not feel stupid... read around a lot of people do not pass. It's just a hard test. It's a BIG Deal. I know it's easier said then done but...Good Luck!


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Take Hurst for content review. IT IS an EXCELLENT review of content. No... Hurst did not help me much with the actual questions. I took Kaplan to help me figure out how to crack the questions. Take BOTH of these if you can. I took both and PASSED FIRST TIME. Good luck!

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