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I just took the NCLEX yesterday, June 23, and I now regret that I didn't pay to have my scores available via QuickResults. In spite of my being a top student in my nursing program and doing extremely well on practice tests, the NCLEX took me entirely by surprise; many of the questions were NOT what I expected. I came away feeling stunned and defeated.

Now when I look on the state board web site to try to see whether I passed the test and am being awarded an RN license, the entry for my name says "Not Issued." When I click on "Not Issued," it says, "Application Deficiency Notice Sent, Pending Testing."

If I had passed the NCLEX, would the state board website list my RN license # rather than "Not Issued"? Does "Not Issued" indicate that I failed the NCLEX, and does "Pending Testing" mean that I need to re-take the test?

I'm trying to get a sneak preview of my pass/fail status, because the stress is killing me. Does anyone know how to interpret the "Not Issued" on the state board website?

I would really appreciate any feedback on this!!

Churning in Anxiety


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sounds like you were maybe missing info on your application somewhere?

call the test center that you took the test at.

Good luck!


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Thank you for your thoughtful reply!

But it does seem that if anything had been missing from my application, I would not have been allowed to take the test. My fingerprints and everything else necessary to take the test went through successfully. So now it seems the only thing that could be wrong is that I didn't pass the test!


But there's still a hope that the state board web site entries merely mean that the test results have not been reported yet, or the state has not yet issued the license. Is that possible?


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Not really sure what that means. But it's normally 48 hours before it would be posted on the BON's website. I guess it depends on the state though. You might want to call them. I don't know if they will tell you anything though.

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Honestly, what I would do (and what we all did) was look up your classmates' names to see if they have been issued licenses. If you know of anyone who took the test before you, look at their name to see what it says. If you know of anyone who hasn't tested yet, look at their name too.

My name was on the BON website the next day (in Ohio) but it wasn't put up until late afternoon. So I wouldn't throw yourself into a panic just yet.


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Thank you, Megsd, Aegirl, and Cherilee! You were right; I panicked too soon. Today I'm listed on the board web site as a licensed RN! So I must have passed! :yeah:I was so relieved that I fell on my knees and cried. These last two days have been the most stressful of my life, and I've been through some pretty stressful stuff before.

I was SO convinced I had failed because the test was so different from my expectations, with references to diseases and drugs I'd never heard of. I answered over 200 questions! But thank heaven, I must have passed. HOORAY! Thanks again to everyone for your support.:redpinkhe

And people who have just taken the NCLEX and feel like failures, hang in there! You may well have passed in spite of all the bad feelings. :up:


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Way to go!! Congrats!!! :yeah: :yeah::yeah:

By the way, I felt exactly the same way after my LPN boards. I thought I had failed, but I think everyone thinks that. Now i'm about ready to sit for my RN boards...just waiting for my ATT. Congrats again!


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Congrats :yeah:

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Yay! Congratulations and I'm glad it worked out. I must say -- the night after I took my NCLEX I dreamed over and over and over of different ways of getting my results, and sometimes I passed and sometimes I failed. So I understand the panic. :)

Now go celebrate!!


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Congratulations!!!! :nurse::clpty::clphnds::dancgrp:

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