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  1. Nurseismade RN

    Math Problem.. Please Help!

    I know this is old.....but this is the formula I use Dose/Hand=what to give. (called dose over hand) hand is the amount the med comes in) 240,000/8,000=30 unit/ml then convert to ounces...which as you already stated, 30ml=1ounce I use this formula for all my calculations...I did not like dimensional analysis..... I always got 100 too...lol
  2. Nurseismade RN

    any RNs go the associate degree route?

    3 years ago when I got my associates In nursing it was all good. I got a hospital job and there was very little pay difference between Adn and Bsn. Now however having ur Bsn will give u more of a chance to land a job fresh out of school. Even with the Bsn my friend who graduated 6 months ago had a hard time finding hospital work and ended up working in a nursing home.
  3. Nurseismade RN

    hourly rounding

    we do this at my hospital.....but share this with the nurse techs...so for the nurse it's q 2 hours .....for 3-11....i take the even starting at 4,6,8,10 and techs take the odd starting at 5,7,9,11....works out....:)
  4. Nurseismade RN

    NEED HELP re: HIPPA violation

    a nursing tech got fired for this...and 2 nurses were disciplined with unpaid suspension for a week. hippa is taken very seriously in Boston....they did not get permission to post pic on facebook.....
  5. Nurseismade RN

    Got a job offer, but lost it????

    so sorry to hear that.....unfortunately you must get the offer in writing here in the US. I was offered a job recently over the phone at a teaching hospital...my first words, i would like that in writing please....they emailed me the offer which works even better...much faster than mail..got the hard copy by mail days later. Don't give up, Brighams is very fussy so to get an offer even verbal means alot....apply elsewhere asap!!! try their partner Mass General.....also other hospitals in Boston.....wish you all the best.......
  6. Nurseismade RN

    UMASS Boston RN-BSN Online update

    application process is very straight forward, no essay required. I think you have to have 2.8 and above gpa. This all can be done online.