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What are your tricks I just took a 27 questions SATA. I got 6 out of a 27. I take my test 6/18. I need help with these. For the most part when I looked I miss one or put one extra.


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Well...unfortunately I am terrible with them as well. I have to read and reread them very slowly and make sure I am answering only what is asked. For example list ways to help prevent infection you would not say check white blood cell count even though that would be something you would do to help catch an infection (sorry it was the only random question i could think of making up ha) So it is not wrong in what you would do for someone it's just not what you would do for the question. Anyways good luck. They are terrible questions trust me I get poor grades on them too usually. I am slowly getting better at them.


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I'm doing Kaplan right now and have been doing pretty good when I look at each answer as true/false. I saw someone had posted this suggestion a few weeks back and it has helped me a lot.

SATA are so hard. One of my friends sat for boards last week and said she had 14 of them on her test. YIKES. She passed with 75 questions. Good luck to you

dont worry i got like 50% only on that one aaahhhh testing on the 18th too....freaking out


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Think of SATA as a large multiple choice question. You can do it.

I took my test on monday. I think majority of the questions was SATA. (sorry I know that was not encouraging)

But think, You have gone to nursing school to pass this test. you have all the tools to pass. Now is time to organize your tools.

Are you in NY by chance? I took a review class recently and I feel it was the best. You can look into it. It is worth it. The website is The professors are nurses.


dont freak out. I know you can do it. You had the same concerns that I had. and Remember study dont cramp.


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I hate SATAs! I have been practicing as well and I cannot manage to get them right. I am hoping it doesn't mess me up on NCLEX :(


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Since OP has now passed, they don't have to worry about the dreaded SATA anymore (except maybe for the real life SATA they may meet at work)! :p

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