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Help me prepare for Anatomy

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Does anyone have any tips and tricks to prepare for my Anatomy class and study while I am in the class? I start in January and its only Anatomy not A&P, is there anything I can be doing now? I did by the coloring book.. Any books? How about apps?


Well you could start reading through your textbook. That is what I'd do. Any upfront reading should help in the class.

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Definitely get a start on skimming through the chapters! I've also found a lot of use in the anatomy coloring books that I've purchased throughout this semester. Kaplan's Anatomy Flashcards have been a godsend for me as well, but I'm definitely on the side of a supplemental learner. I also bought Anatomy for Dummies and it really does dumb down a lot of the materials from each chapter to help you better understand areas you may struggle in!

I also always google chapters we're in and find interactive learning sites for them! ;)

Best of luck!

Check this site out, http://www.midlandstech.edu/science/kelleherk/210/. There are printable study-notes and study questions that are very helpful. Also, that biggest challenge is the Practical Lab on Skeletal, Histology, Muscle and a few other's that were the most difficult part of A&P. If I were you take 1 hour out of your day and just cruise this site. Good Luck.

If you're just doing anatomy, it's pretty much straight memorization. Labs are just that. Know the bone marking, muscles, components of a nerve, the brain, etc. As for lecture, I'd say that you go over your notes an hour a day to keep it fresh. It will help once test time comes around. You won't be trying to cram everything in, and you should have a decent, if not better, grasp of what concepts you covered. Good luck! It's not so bad. It just requires time and effort. :)


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great!! Thanks for the ideas!! I ordered the coloring books and the flashcards! I want to get the textbook ASAP but its so $$$ I need to wait a payday or so :(

Sometimes I purchase the previous edition of the book online (ie the class uses the 9th edition, so I purchase the 8th). This has saved me a ton of $$$. You may want to email the instructor, explain your situation, and ask if they think the older version may work.

My A&P teacher told us the first day that older editions of our book were basically the same, so if we inherited one from a past student we didn't need to buy a new one.

Does your school library have a copy that you can check out? You might try that.


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