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  1. Jill.Y

    anatomy and physiology 2 & microbiology

    For me personally, I'd try and avoid it. I enjoyed micro a lot. I thought the material was interesting, but my prof and lab TA were great at explaining subject matter clearly and interestingly (corny humor and simple, relatable analogies went a long way in helping understand everything). My AP2 prof was also really good, but the material is pretty tough and requires a good amount of conceptual thinking. If you think you can handle both of those, plus the other classes, then go for it, but others were right. You still have time to take it even if you've already applied.
  2. Jill.Y

    Very Discouraging

    Depending on how you work your schedule out, it could take 1-2 semesters to finish prerequisites. It also depends on the school's requirements. I had a lab partner who came back to school for nursing, and she took 1-2 classes every fall/spring semester and finished in 2 years. She also however, had prior college credits, so there were several classes/geneds she didn't need to worry about. It all depends on how much time you can dedicate to studying. You'll be fine, regardless. Don't give up. Keep trying!
  3. Jill.Y

    Should I keep trying?

    Chemistry isn't everybody's subject. For instance, I'm doing pre-nursing/nursing, and I love chemistry, but biology, which is probably more important toward our major, isn't really one of my strong points. It does take time and dedication, but don't give up just yet. Try taking a biology class and see how you feel about it. If you really don't like it, then maybe try giving another major a shot. Nursing isn't easy. I haven't started the program yet, but this is what I've heard, and I don't doubt it with how competitive it is. Also, if all your tests are weighted the same, 3 Bs and a D could potentially average out to a C. Don't forget to take into consideration your lab component. The prereqs definitely aren't cakework, so don't give up because of this one class. Good luck!
  4. Yes, I had one C, and still got into all of the nursing schools I applied to. I would imagine it was because of my TEAS scores. It definitely wouldn't hurt you to retake anatomy. It is pretty important to our major. I had a C in one of my anatomy's and retook it. I got an A-, but I still had a C from a previous biology class. I'm currently working to get rid of that C by retaking the class, so there are no more C's on my transcript. I think it does depend on the school, as each one is different in terms of acceptance. Try it out, though. Apply for the program, and I'd take the anatomy over again while you're waiting for a response. That way, if it doesn't work out, you can apply right away for the following semester without having to worry about waiting to apply again because you do end up needing to retake the class. And if it does work out the first time, then you still boosted your GPA. Good luck!
  5. Jill.Y

    Help me prepare for Anatomy

    If you're just doing anatomy, it's pretty much straight memorization. Labs are just that. Know the bone marking, muscles, components of a nerve, the brain, etc. As for lecture, I'd say that you go over your notes an hour a day to keep it fresh. It will help once test time comes around. You won't be trying to cram everything in, and you should have a decent, if not better, grasp of what concepts you covered. Good luck! It's not so bad. It just requires time and effort. :)
  6. Jill.Y

    Pre Nursing Student Questions!!!!

    i would take it one step at a time. focus on your pre-reqs the most, but keep in mind the things you have to do for the nursing applications. for example, looking into the nurse entrance test is a good idea because you do have to schedule that ahead of time, and if you feel like you want to take it again, there is a time limit before you can register again. most schools i've looked into require you to take the teas v, although i would check with the school in case they want you to take a different test. if they do want you to take the teas v exam, though, you can go to atitesting.com. you'll have to purchase study guides and practice tests, but they do come in handy, at least i thought so. i was also debating between becoming a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. i'd think it would be easier to go straight to your bsn, and then apply for graduate school for nurse anesthesia. i think it would be easier than going to school to be an rn, and then transitioning to get your bsn, and then going for your masters. that's just my opinion, though. i'm not sure exactly how it would work if you did do rn first. i'd definitely ask maybe someone else in th nursing dept. other than your advisor if he/she hasn't been helping very much. maybe ask the dept. head. hope it helps!
  7. Jill.Y

    UMB Spring 2012

    I'd go ahead and take the CPR class. You're going to need it, so might as well get it done with. That's what I did because I wasn't sure if there was going to be a bunch of other stuff I needed to do before I start the program, and I didn't want to stress myself out trying to complete everything over the one month we have before starting the program.
  8. Jill.Y

    Towson Spring 2012 BSN Acceptance Letters

    You hopefully should have heard from them today. I just did. If anything, though. I'd say a safe bet is to send it in for Towson, so you at least have a spot there guaranteed. The only problem with that is if you do choose Maryland, you wouldn't get money back from Towson..
  9. Jill.Y

    UMB Spring 2012

    This is such a tough decision. You would think it would be an easier decision because Maryland is more reputable than Towson, there are a couple external factors that impact decision making. As for Towson, I started out here, so I've had the chance to make friends, get adjusted to it, and get aquainted with people who are either in or have finished nursing here. To top that off, like you said, it's not in the city, so the traffic won't be nearly as bad, and I think the hospitals we would be going to for clinicals would be a bit closer. On the other hand, though, my sister is at UM for pharmacy, and she knows people who went to UMSON. The hospitals one of the girls listed for me seemed to be pretty far, but I'm just as new to this whole thing, so I have no idea if they'll send us out that far if they'll choose to send us to hospitals that are closer to us. I actually feel more stressed choosing a school, than I did waiting for an answer. I guess to summarize, if you're looking at the school itself, I would say go with UMSON, but if external factors are weighted pretty heavily to you, than Towson could be a better fit. I know this doesn't really give an answer as to which school I'm picking becuase to be honest, I have no idea at this point. This is just some info. I wanted to share. Maybe it would help others in making their decisions? Also, sorry this is so long! :/