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HELP please


duringthe last week of march, before easter, i found out i didnt pass my nclex and it was my first time taking it. it devestated me from when i took the test, to when i found out. i even took kaplan. the diagnostic test was a 59%, but i decided to test three weeks after. now i havent gotten the money back, im repeating the course, and i took some hurst materials. luckily when i found out, there was a course in session and i jumped into the repeat kaplan on the second/third day. i wanted to keep the questions b/c the questions really do look like the nclex exam.

i felt so horrible esp knowing i really did try hard. im getting over it kind of, since im in the middle of the kaplan, and im finishing the third day of hurst (i started hurst on sunday, filling outnotes and studying the organ systems). i like that it gives me the pathophysiology. repeating kaplan, however, ive noticed some of the Qs are the same. i guess its good for practice. I got the exam cram book from the library and installed it to my laptop. ive been answering about 50 Qs a day from that, but the Qs arent as hard as kaplan. where are other practice questions?

what else should i do different? please help me.i was the honor student, in sigma theta tau, and i got good grades(except for pediatrics). i know some people who probably would be like "haha" or something, i just feel embarassed. i started to become closer to God but i stopped going out because i got depressed. i was even unmotivated, not wanting to get up frm bed and crying everyday after that pearson trick thing, but i know i cant give up. i took a picture of someones license on my phone to help me stay motivated despite feeling so disappointed

Put the first exam behind you. You have mulled over it enough now. Study for the next test as if you had never tested before. Do not skip over any topic in your review. Go over everything. Good luck.

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You could always try the NCSBN's learning extension for the NCLEX RN. This is the national boards of nursing website and they are the ones who put together the NCLEX exam. I am graduating in 4 weeks and I will be taking this course myself. I am also doing a live review through ATI.

Here is the link if you are intersted!


I can imagine how difficult this has been for you, but dont give up, you can pass this test. I am wishing you the very best of luck!!!!

I too did very well in school, took the comprehensive Kaplan course and failed (265 questions). I live in a small town and dreaded going out knowing I was bound to run into someone, anyone I knew that would end up asking me about the test. I'm sure there were those people that got a great kick out of me failing but I have come to realize that this experience has only made me a stronger person. I know exactly how you feel but as someone else mentioned you just have to try to not think about it and focus on the future exam.

I did not renew my subscription with Kaplan for the reason you mentioned (seeing questions that I would recognize). I will always be able to apply the strategy I learned with Kaplan which I feel is the most valuable portion of the course; however, I have moved on. The past month I've been going through the Saunders Comprehensive Review book and just got LaCharity's Prioritization and Delegation book. In addition, I took the advice of my board and enrolled in the LearningExt course. So far it's great, except it only runs in internet explorer and I have a Mac.

Never give up. You can do it. Pray always and you will succeed.